Is ZipBooks Really a Better Accounting Option than QuickBooks?

QuickBooks has been around for years, making it the best-known accounting software out there. Recently, they’ve changed from the traditional downloaded-to-computer software to an online-access software, which comes with pros and cons.

The con is that you have to pay for it monthly, which makes it ultimately more expensive than it already was when you could just purchase it once. The pro is that it gets updated more frequently, so the product has the potential to see more improvement.

But what if I told you that despite all of these changes, there is actually an accounting software option that is much more user–friendly, and a better option overall? ZipBooks is accounting software, just like QuickBooks, with two major differences: it’s free, and it’s designed so simply, anyone can use it.

ZipBooks vs. QuickBooks

By anyone, I mean anyone who needs accounting software and doesn’t know the ropes of accounting. And I’m serious about the free part. ZipBooks doesn’t charge a subscription fee, and in return offers incredibly professional looking invoice creation, credit card processing and time tracking.

ZipBooks can forgo a monthly subscription fee because of its optional premium paid offerings like online bookkeeping services, tax preparation, payroll, and invoice financing.

So why isn’t QuickBooks being completely beat out by ZipBooks? People simply don’t know about ZipBooks, and as they’re familiar with QuickBooks they don’t dare try something new. But if they’re worried about switching over, that’s a non-issue as well: ZipBooks makes it incredibly easy to migrate your customers and invoices from QuickBooks (or any other program that can generate your data into a csv) into ZipBooks.

Here are a few of the advantages of using ZipBooks over QuickBooks:

You can use ZipBooks anywhere

ZipBooks stores all of your data in the cloud, which means you can access the software from home, on your phone (yes, they even have a fantastic iOS app), at work, or on your buddy’s computer while you’re out and about. This makes doing business in any kind of setting possible, and easy.

Most QuickBooks users are still using QuickBooks’ old downloaded software, which means they can only do bookkeeping on one computer: the computer to which they’ve downloaded QuickBooks. Unless you want to lug that thing around with you everywhere, QuickBooks users are limited to once space only to do accounting.

Any of your employees can access ZipBooks

ZipBooks makes it possible for other employees to log in on any device, which means you don’t have to take care of accounting all by yourself. To do the same thing with QuickBooks, you would have to pay for extra licenses or pass the laptop around the office.

Which brings me to my next point. . .

ZipBooks is more secure than QuickBooks

ZipBooks stores all of your information online, and they use the industry standard for data-encryption to make your data untouchable. That safety is incredibly important when you consider that your financial data is stored in a single app.

QuickBooks users are constantly at risk of losing all of their information. Should someone drop the laptop where the information is stored, or should the computer suffer a powersurge, all of the accounting data would be lost.

You would think that backing up your data onto a harddrive would protect you, but unfortunately, you’ll have to repurchase QuickBooks at its hefty cost if your computer breaks, and may lose information in transferring the data from harddrive to computer.

It doesn’t sound likely, but it happens, and when you consider all the years of valuable information lost to your company, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

photo credit: Alan Cleaver

ZipBooks is less expensive

Since ZipBooks it’s a completely free application, it’s obviously less expensive than QuickBooks, but there are even more financial bonuses that you should know about. For example, ZipBooks offers better and less expensive credit card processing options. Anyone who has experience paying for processing fees knows that lower processing fees means lots of money saved on every transaction.

ZipBooks is easier to use

When I say ZipBooks is easier to use, I don’t just mean for you: I mean for your customers too! When they receive an invoice from you through ZipBooks (the invoices have a stunning appearance, by the way), the form they need to fill out is included within the invoice. This feature isn’t included with QuickBooks, so using ZipBooks will spare headaches and time-loss for you and them.

I could talk all day about the intuitive nature of the ZipBooks app, but since it takes less than a minute to create an account, I’d say using is believing on this one. . .


Just give ZipBooks a trial run and see for yourself! They’ve even included helpful tutorials that guide you as you use the product for the first time. The fact is, now that ZipBooks is here, accounting software doesn’t have to be complicated, and anyone can benefit from this free application.