What Benefits Can a Motivational Speaker Bring to my Company?

Motivational speakers have a proven ability to improve production across all levels of a business. These motivational guest speakers build up an employee’s morale by reinforcing the company’s values, delivering fresh perspective to business practices, suggesting day-to-day improvements, and teaching new business techniques.

Anthony Robbins
Tony Robbins – photo credit: Flickr

Motivational speakers – who are they?

Tony Robbins, Brandon Burchard, Nick Vujicic, and Eric Thomas.  Those are just some of many household names in motivational speaking.  They have their own styles, but in general, they can be described as individuals with a vibrant personality that inspires people to think outside of the box and achieve their fullest potential.

Your business can tap on their knowledge, skills and energy, but you need to know how to reach out to them.  If they run a speaking company, then you can reach them directly via their company.  Some hire agencies, so you can reach them via their agents. Agencies like ICMI Speakers Bureau hosts hundreds of motivational guest speakers that are experts in their field and have found success throughout their career.

Why you should invite a motivational speaker

There are various circumstances where hiring a motivational speaker is the way to go for your company:

1. Reinforcing your company’s value

If a business wants to be successful, the employees need to believe in the mission statement and core values of the company. A motivational speaker will stand by these values and reiterate their importance in delivering exceptional products for the consumer. If an employee believes they are delivering a worthy product, it will transition to the quality of their work.

Conversely, if a worker doesn’t believe in the company’s values, they may not put forth the same effort into their work. A business will benefit from reintroducing its core values to the employees every so often to ensure that each person understands the company’s vision for the future.

2. Refocusing your employees

Before a business begins a costly new project it would be prudent for them to hire a motivational speaker to breathe some fresh life into the employees. A guest speaker can come in and immediately introduce new ideas, and suggest techniques that improve overall quality of production. Simple time management techniques can save companies costly hours and save employees headaches from wasting time using outdated procedures.

One of the largest threats to a business is when an employee’s professional life becomes stagnant from the monotonous 9-5 grind. A motivational speaker encourages each person to find happiness in their personal life, because it will translate to improvements in the quality of work they produce.

Brendon Burchard
Brendon Burchard – photo credit: YouTube

3. Increasing morale and encouraging teamwork

No company has a perfect day-to-day working environment. However, a motivational guest speaker will suggest small improvements that increase morale and encourage teamwork by providing opportunities for employees to bounce ideas off of one another. When employees have open communication with each other, productivity and quality of work improve.

Successful motivational speakers hold a certain influence that instills a confidence in the listener that they can also find success if they follow some basic steps. In reality, the speaker targets what is already motivating the employee and shows them how to access their skills.

4. Boosting productivity

Motivational speakers can improve production within each department of a company. A speaker may present on various specialties such as: sales, marketing, customer service, and cost reduction. A business may decide to hire multiple speakers to meet with different departments for more technically focused workshops.

Presentations on new techniques are extremely common in nearly all fields. The business world is ever changing and companies must invest in guest speakers to train employees on the newest trends in the industry. It is always important that employees stay up to date on all of the latest standards for their profession.

Now over to you…

Would you hire a motivational speaker for your company? Why? Please share your thoughts.