10 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Customizable LED Signs

Beright signs grab customers

Did you know that the human eye is drawn to light five to six times the ambient level? Knowing this statistic matters – especially if you are a small business owner. Intrigued? Well, read on.

Humans are a creature of senses. We respond to everything using our senses, collectively. If someone or something ‘delights’ our senses, they win.

This fact holds true in business, especially if your business is in the B2C game – i.e. restaurants, convenience stores, hair care, florists, etc.

Now, in running a small business, there’s one important, must-have item that matters: Signs. Signs communicate everything of importance to your business: your shop name, what products and services you offer, your contact information, your promotions and everything else in between.

You may say that printed signs are better than illuminated signs (except in Las Vegas, you say) but let me ask you one question: What catches your eye – colorful-but-dull-at-night printed signs or bright-all-day-and-night neon signs? I don’t know about you, but nothing captures my attention like an ultra-bright neon sign.

Now, what if today’s neon signs were made of LEDs (read: bright and energy-efficient) and they were customizable (read: you can arrange the letters, numbers, and symbols)? Well, they do exist! That’s right, these new LED signs allow you to change your sign message anytime you want and they attract more attention all day and night.

Sean Callahan, President & CEO of SpellBrite LED Signs, explains, “Customizable LED signs keep your storefront fresh and relevant with messages that attract more customers.” He further elaborates, “Our click-together signage system helps you highlight your specials, list your products & services, and stand out from your competitors.”

If you are looking for the right reasons to consider customizable LED signs, such as those offered by SpellBrite, here are ten reasons to get you thinking:

1. Ultra-bright LED signs increase foot traffic & sales

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that signage is an important tool for driving traffic and sales. 64 percent of the surveyed small business owners say that enhancing their signage resulted in 12 percent more sales, 59 percent more transactions, and 56 percent more profits. The SBA‘s statement also confirmed the survey results, adding the fact that an average business gets up to 50 percent of its sales via signage.

Voodoo Neon who has tested the hypothesis, and analysed from customer data, has shown that having a bright LED sign in your shop window, or outside the building increases foot traffic by 17% on average – that’s on the amount of people entering the doors of the store.

Based on the above statistics, it’s easy to draw a conclusion: Using ultra-bright LED signs does increase foot traffic, sales and profits. Enough said.

Easy LED sign

2. They are changeable.

The ability to arrange and rearrange the letters, numbers, and symbols means that there are endless possibilities for you to capitalize on. Since you can make any sign message and change it any time, you can test messages, rotate specials and change promotions to find those messages and offers that pull in the most foot traffic and sales for your business. Now you can grab customers’ attention in any way you can think off, quickly – and beat your competitors at it.

Do you change your specials and promotions with the seasons? No problem. Do you have to change your pricing due to rising costs? No problem. With changeable LED signs, now you can.

3. They are affordable.

Customizability comes at a price, right? Well, not really.

Callahan provides an example. He says, “Suppose you want to create a ‘FREE ESTIMATES’ sign, sized at 48.4” W x 6.3” H x 1.5” D, the total price is $315.13. Given the long lifetime of the LEDs, displaying the sign 24/7/365 will only cost you $0.09 per day.”

And don’t forget – you can rearrange the letters for different purposes; reusability at its finest.

4. They are durable and safer to operate.

Unlike neon, which is powered by high voltage transformers, LED letters draw very little power and operate on safer low voltage power supplies.

Neon signs are constructed of glass tubes wire-tied to metal framing, making them fragile and dangerous near customers and employees. SpellBrite LED letters, on the other hand, are completely housed in impact-resistant acrylic and ABS plastic, reducing the chance of accidental breakage. If dropped repeatedly, SpellBrite letters may simply crack instead of shatter like glass neon tubing.

Make any sign

5. Quick payback.

You may think it’s challenging to measure the actual effectiveness of an LED sign, but there’s one easy measurement you can use: Your sales, before and after installing the sign.

Callahan mentions a customer testimonial: “Steve Scaglione, the owner of Voce, a restaurant and banquet facility, said that once he installed his first SpellBrite sign, he immediately started receiving more calls about his facility, and the sign paid for itself in just one week.”

You can read more testimonials here or you could try SpellBrite for yourself by taking advantage of their risk-free trial. If you are dissatisfied with your SpellBrite sign for any reason, the company allows you to return the product within 30 days of the order date for a full refund of your purchase price.

6. They last a long time.

High quality LED lighting has a lifetime of 80,000 hours or 9.13 years. And that’s if you decide to keep your sign illuminated 24/7/365. That’s quite a long time, in my opinion!

7. They don’t block your windows.

Unlike paper signs, banners and encapsulated neon signs, customizable LED signs feature a see-though design that doesn’t block your windows. This allows you to brightly promote your shop while maintaining an inviting and open atmosphere. It also increases your premise safety in the process.

8. On-board animation to really stand out.

Some customizable LED signage systems – like SpellBrite – have on-board dimming and animation effects. SpellBrite’s 8 animation settings, which include pulse, flash, mini-pulse and static, give you the option to test different animation settings and determine which setting attracts the most customers. Each row of a SpellBrite sign has its own animation controls so you can emphasise different parts of your message.

SpellBrite’s dimmer feature is particularly useful when mounting your sign to walls inside of your business. There are 6 brightness settings from ultra-bright to night light dim so you can dial in the brightness to match the ambiance of your business.

9. They are easy to assemble and install. No electrician required.

The ‘click-together’ installation system is fast and easy; just arrange the LED letters the way you want, click them together, and you’re good to go in just minutes. There is no need to hire an electrician to assemble or install your signs – you can do it yourself.

Letters for LED signs

10. Get them fast!

Because individual LED letters are pre-built and inventoried in large numbers, orders can be filled quickly. SpellBrite, for example, ships orders the next business day following order receipt. Custom neon signs, on the other hand, can take weeks for delivery.


Focusing on the value and effectiveness of your business equipment should be one of your primary tasks as a business owner. You should pay particular attention to your storefront signage.

Customizable LED signs along with effective messaging have proven to have a strong impact on sales and profits. You should consider using this new revenue-generating solution for your business.

Now, how about you? Are you using customizable LED signs today? If so, what do you think of them? If not, are you considering investing in customizable LED signs?

Please share your thoughts with us!