3 Reasons Why Wooden Signs are Good Investments for Your Small Business

There are several reasons why you should consider specialty, weatherproof options when weighing the pros and cons of different types.

Wooden store sign

You Can Have Them Painted With Your Company’s Colors

Like many business owners, you probably spent a long time choosing the colors associated with your venture. That’s because various colors signify things and trigger particular emotions. For example, blue is typically calming and red is a hue associated with love and intensity. Color schemes are also important in terms of culture. If you’re opening an Irish pub, a sign painted with the green, white, and orange of the company’s flag is an eye-catching addition to an exterior part of the business premises.

They Hold Up Well Over Time

As far as sign materials go, you have many choices. Some businesses use printed vinyl signs, while others go with metal options that include stick-on letters. However, both of those are likely to lose their attractiveness over time, especially when used outdoors. The vinyl material might rip during a windy day and metal could rust.

However, wood is a very durable material, particularly when treated with a special coating that resists the elements. Consider when you purchase a wooden sign, it could last for several years and look great throughout that time, but the same isn’t always true for other materials.

Wooden signs at a coffee shop

They Can Include Noticeable Characteristics

Experts say there are many things that make some signs more worthwhile than others. A large sign may stand out more than one that’s smaller, and a sign that has too much text on it could easily become more frustrating than informative as people try to read it quickly.

Think of the results you could get by working with a company that offers engraved wooden signs and planning design choices that make it look like the letters are three-dimensional, or that a logo is popping out from a background. These possibilities look very professional and not gimmicky. They also could make the difference between a sign that blends in with a few others that are in its environment and stands out enough to make people take positive action.

These are three of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to strongly consider wooden signs when advertising your business. Because so many potential and current customers see signs, they need to look great and reflect the reputation you hope to build.