Reasons Why Your Business Should Renew Its Current Signage

When it comes to business signage, many organisations buy signage once, set it and forget it. However, signage and sign systems have come a long way from pieces of foamex bolted into a wall. In this article, we’ll delve into the exact reasons as to why your business should take action on renewing its current signage.

Business signage

Improving Office Culture & Happy Employees

A business is nothing more than a set of ideas and an organisation of people who bring them to life. Whether these people work effectively and thrive is all down to the way the business is ran and what influences it lets in through its doors. There is nothing more vitally important in modern business culture than ‘office culture’. From the language used, to company ethics, all the way to the office environment and staff uniform, each business needs to carve out it’s own unique and positive office culture.

Some businesses are still refusing to accept the importance of office culture and many office spaces are being neglected, which has both tangible and intangible effects to the business’ performance.

A prominent way to rejuvenate your business’ office culture is implementing a new sign system. Just like when you put on your suit, and tie up your tie for work, an office space with a cohesive and brand-matching sign system will not only make your employees feel more valued, but also bring a professional vibe to the office culture. Imagine everything from small desk signs for employees, all the way to up to large modular signage in the reception area … you want to create an accomplished atmosphere and a sense of ‘oneness’ within your company culture. So throw out the tatty, old, 1970s signs and invest in your office space.

Happy employees

Wayfinding and Sign Systems

This last decade has seen a rapid increase in both the spatial size and complexity of buildings and infrastructures. Growing populations have essentially lead to:

  • More jobs
  • Bigger businesses
  • Bigger office spaces

Whilst this is exciting news, the growth and relatively new innovation of large corporate spaces has lead to our fairly primitive human brains to have to adapt, when trying to navigate these complex environments.

It is essential that your business’ signage communicates information effectively and efficiently to its users. The analysis of human behaviour and the creation of a logical and easy-to-follow directional information has been all grouped under the one topic: Wayfinding. ‘Sign systems’ are most commonly linked with Wayfinding as a means to have a singular, system solution, to help people to navigate corporate buildings.

Wayfinding and sign systems are important for everyone, not just visitors to your office space. Employees need to find departments and potential clients need to find meeting rooms. For a busy business to run at maximum capacity, directions must be clear. A potential client will immediately contrast your business’ capacity to look after them, based on how much care you’ve taken with your wayfinding and brand image.

One of the oldest adages of Aristotle still rings true: ‘The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything’.

Wayfinding signage in hospital

Re-branding Your Business With Signage

Ok, we’re on the last vital reason on why you should renew your business’ current signage. I’m glad you’ve read this far, but I’ve got a quick question for you – Which brand would you buy your electronic devices from:

BlackBerry, or




I’m going to guess at least 99% of readers chose Apple. But why is this? Everyone remembered, for a period of time, BlackBerry used to rule the mobile world for years. However, Apple did one thing that BlackBerry didn’t. Apple has consistently branded and evolved their branding over the past two decades, to become the dominant business in the electronic goods space. BlackBerry did not adapt.

What has this got to do with signage? Signs and sign systems are critical to the success and brand representation of your business, as we have already discussed. A wise investment in a strong sign system that clicks perfectly with your business’ physical space and buildings, works wonders, both consciously and subconsciously, for your brand.

So we urge you to throw out your old, out-dated signage (your BlackBerry) that doesn’t belong in the 21st century … and upgrade to a high end, sign system (your Apple) that will show the rest of the business world that you are the leader in your industry.