5 Tools Your Sales Team Needs To Have

5 Tools Your Sales Team Needs To Have

Acquiring sales is all about how you talk to people and manage your communication. Although sales comprises a people-focused territory, there are still a variety of tools that can help you take your customer acquisition and retention efforts to the next level.

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For the modern sales team, there are several tools and software that can help you achieve your sales goals. Here are five of them.

1. inSitu Sales

InSItu Sales app

InSitu Sales is a mobile application for field sales and services. It comes equipped with a slew of features, including sales rep tracking, mobile invoices, and sales orders and estimates. Users can track sales rep routes and view condensed maps of customer locations, both online and offline. Use the web portal to set up territories and assign sales reps to customers.

2. Salesforce CPQ Software

Salesforce CPQ screenshot

Configure price quote software helps businesses quickly produce accurate sales quotes for potential clients. As the name suggests, there are three parts to this software: configuration, price, and quote. Our economy favors anything that’s customizable, from our clothing to our vehicles. For this reason, businesses must position themselves to address consumers with products and services that are configured to the buyer’s needs.

The same concept applies to your pricing model: not all customers in every situation will need to purchase products at their full list price. Depending on the business model, you might want to offer clients bundle, volume, or special pricing. Some sales reps will even offer additional discounts on top of special pricing. The headache comes when you’re trying to keep track of all these offerings, and any mistakes with pricing could easily affect the bottom line.

With so much to consider, deciding on a quote can be time-consuming. There’s a lot riding on your quote: it needs to be carefully crafted and professional. With Salesforce CPQ software, you can easily manage pricing across your suite of products and generate accurate quotes. This eliminates any inefficiencies or errors.

3. Insight Squared

Insight Squared screenshot

Insight Squared uses data to help fuel high-performance sales teams. It allows you to better optimize the sales process through accurate sales forecasting, pipeline management, and SaaS metrics. This is a perfect alternative to sales teams who rely too heavily on Excel, because managing recurring revenue and other sales data can quickly become complicated for even the most experienced of Excel users.

The platform connects to several types of billing software for automated tracking and lets you build reports from data outside of your regular CRM. At the end of the day, the goal is to understand team performance by tracking activity. This is your bread and butter: understanding what works and what doesn’t is the first step in building a better business and increasing sales.

4. Handshake

Handshake app screenshot

Through the use of paperless order technology, Handshake helps better manage communication and roles between sales reps and employees. Currently, Handshake is the #1 sales order application in the App Store. The software displays catalogs and showcases products with scannable, high-definition images. It offers platforms geared towards sales teams, customer service, and buyers. For sales reps, Handshake provides paperless order writing to eliminate data entry, accelerate cash flow, and increase inventory returns.

5. Visitbasis

VisitBasis sofware screenshot

Visitbasis is a field representative management software and mobile data collection program that aims to bridge the gap between sales reps and warehouses. It has advanced scheduling features that allow reps to organize and prioritize appointments. Additionally, its cloud-based solution allows businesses to manage, schedule, and monitor team activities in real-time. Another benefit for field reps is that they can increase productivity with territory management and route optimization.

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