How to Boost Office Productivity: 10 Ways (Infographic)

It can be hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic when you get into a routine, no matter how much you enjoy your job. With so many issues to address and problems to solve, you’ll be feeling overwhelmed – eventually.  You need to step up in your game – starting with a plan.

That’s right – going with the flow is not the right attitude for a productive office. You need to set aside 15 minutes or so in the morning, focusing just on planning for the day.  Remember, this is arguably the most important step – so, don’t  skimp on it.

Entering the woods without a map guarantees you to lose your ways. That analogy holds true in the business world. That said, you need a road map to a productive office. Fortunately, we have just the guide you need!

Take a look at this infographic to find out just how you can boost your office productivity in no time:

Boost productivity in the office - infographic

This infographic is brought to you by Loc8 Commercial, a specialist in supporting you to find the right office space, and provides you with ten ways to boost productivity in the office to remain happy and productive.


It is important to start your day as you mean to go on and creating a list of your tasks is a great way to fulfill this. Choose the most challenging tasks to complete first, and you will feel that great sense of achievement all day long!

Timing is a very important factor when it comes to motivation, so be sure to take small breaks and dedicate set times to various tasks – this is a great way to ensure that you don’t get bored of tedious activities.

The infographic above reminds you just how important it is to stay organised, but have you ever considered tidying your email and allocating folders? You will be amazed at just how clearer your headspace will be once everything is just at the click-of-a-button away.

A few more tips and tricks to consider to boost productivity include listening to background music, leaving the desk for lunch and staying hydrated. Remember – your office space is not a prison and should be an enjoyable environment to work in!

With all these factors in mind, you will be able to keep a high level of professionalism without feeling like a robot stuck in routine. Watch how your work ethic and mood drastically improves when you pay attention to how you manage your time.