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If you’re looking to launch your dream business, Guidant Financial needs to be your first stop for funding advice on how to launch or buy a business without the need for any outside loans, credit lines, rich relatives or investor money; we’re talking debt-free 401(k) Business Financing. What is this funding option, you may ask?

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Well, Guidant Financial specializes in helping people use their 401(K) and other eligible pre-tax retirement funds to launch a new business tax penalty-free. Rather than leaving your 401(k) or IRA invested in stocks and bonds, you get to roll those funds into your business. This allows you for once to control the company you are invested in, relying on your unique skills and ideas to grow your net worth and earn a salary at the same time. These funds can be made available within weeks, so you can start that business you’ve always been dreaming of in no time. This is the essence of 401(k) Business Financing, also known as Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS). Now, let’s get into a little more detail about what makes this possible and how it works.

How long has 401(k) Business Financing been around?

401(k) Business Financing allows you to access rollable 401(k) funds, tax penalty-free, to buy a business or franchise. The United States government put this into law back in 1974 when the Employee Retirement Income Security Act was passed.

This law allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to use their current accrued retirement funds to start their own business, rather than going into massive debt with loans and interest payments that can weigh a business down. Best of all, you’re investing in your business from day one. Nobody else will have a say in how you start and grow your business but you.

Credit scores aren’t an issue when accessing your own retirement funds to start your business or buy an existing one because it isn’t a loan. All that’s required is for you to have money currently sitting in a rollable 401(k) or IRA and that you can satisfy certain requirements set out by the IRS to be eligible for 401(k) Business Financing. This isn’t some simple form you can take on by yourself, which is why the team at Guidant Financial is here to handle the process and paperwork – so you can focus on your business.

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What is 401(k) Business Financing and how do I get it?

This program, formally known as Rollovers for Business Start-ups or “ROBS” by the IRS, is frequently referred to simply as 401(k) Business Financing. This 100% Debt Free Financing method is a legal method that allows entrepreneurs who have money sitting in their 401(k) to use those funds to start or buy an established business, or to put more capital into a business they’re already running.

The 401(k) Business Funding process works like this in a nutshell:

  • The business you start or buy must operate as a C corp to meet IRS business transaction requirements.
  • Once the C corporation is started, you set up a retirement plan for the company. There are several choices to consider, but the 401(k) plan is most popular and Guidant will help you pick which retirement plan is right for your business.
  • The next step is to “roll over” your 401(k) or IRA funds into the new C corp’s retirement plan.
  • After that, the company retirement plan buys stock in your new business or franchise.
  • Once complete, the funds are made available to you, the business owner, to start operating and paying for business expenses. Any profits you make are then yours, and no principal or interest payments need to be repaid, such as with traditional loans or lines of credit.

While it sounds simple, 401(k) Business Financing can be a complicated, delicate and time-consuming process, especially if done independently. It takes a team of business and tax accountants, funding professionals and attorneys to make sure everything is set up correctly and in the right order. Guidant Financial’s team has the expert knowledge and experienced professionals to make this funding solution successful and stress-free.

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Make your startup dreams a reality within 21 days…and enjoy the benefits

Starting your business debt-free using your 401(k) will lower your overhead costs by removing the burden of making monthly interest payments on business loans. It also eliminates the need to risk your home as collateral for an SBA loan or remortgaging it to fund your business. Without interest to pay, you are free to focus on building a successful business, not the stress of making monthly payments to the bank, resulting in a quicker path to profitability. The sooner you are profitable, the faster you personally will be able to benefit in two ways: your business becomes worth more so now your 401(k) balance will grow, and you can pay yourself a salary as the mastermind behind your successful business. Win! Win!!

The team at Guidant Financial has helped over 14,000 entrepreneurs get financed to date – more than any other ROBS provider. They understand everything there is to know about Small Business Financing, and are the experts in 401(k) Business Financing. Listen to what a couple entrepreneurs who took the leap into business ownership utilizing Guidant Financial have to say:

A couple of them shares their experiences working with Guidant Financial:

Don’t let someone else control your hard-earned retirement funds. If you have an idea for a great business, and the utmost confidence you’ll do whatever it takes to make it successful, Guidant Financial is here to help you get the funds you need!

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