Types of Insurance You’re Going to Need as a Business Owner

As a business owner, whether you like it or not, you’re one of the biggest assets of your company.  With you at the helm, your leadership prowess will determine whether your company is going to the right direction or not.

Due to your important role, you should focus on your well-being. One of the things you should focus upon is insurance.

Insurance protection

Do you actually need it?

Insurance has always been a subject that separated groups into two camps: those that see the point of insurance and why it is a good idea to secure the best insurance, and those that think people can live just as well without any type of insurance. Let’s safe the debate between the two camps in another piece of article, another time.

Let’s just agree on one thing: We need insurances. Insuring your business is a must-do, e.g. BOP, key person insurance, etc.. But you shouldn’t stop there; as a business owner, you shouldn’t neglect your personal protection.

What kind of insurance do you need, personally?

Here are the different types of insurance that you might want to look into and how it could help you, courtesy of DC insurers.

Health insurance

You need to stay healthy as a business owner.  That’s why health insurance is always good to have. While many people live a full and happy life without any sort of health insurance, there are quite a few cases of people that find themselves in situations where they wish they would have gotten it. While it is not to be confused with general health insurance, this type of insurance works similarly in the sense that it helps you be prepared for the eventuality of every needing it.

Car insurance

If you are a road warrior, your endeavor can be quite perilous for your vehicle. While there’s no actually palpable, indexed evidence that would lead us to believe this, there are quite a few factors that could lead to serious damage being done to your vehicle.

Car insurance helps you stay prepared for when something like that happens to your car, and also makes sure that you won’t be spending the foreseeable future walking instead of driving. Car insurance can cover a wider array of causes of context, meaning that you can get insurance against any possible or even at the slightest probable causes.

House insurance

Protecting your ‘second home’ (business premise) is great, but protecting your ‘first home’ – your house – by taking a house insurance is a must. You can control many things in life, but you can’t control Mother Nature. That being said, insuring your home benefits not only you but also the ones you provide for, such as your children or family.

Not having house insurance pretty much guarantees that in the eventuality of a highly unfavorable natural event, you will be left with a huge hole in your savings. Insurance helps prevent such loses and eases the transition out of that detrimental event.



These are the types of insurance that you’ll want to look into if you want to do business with an easy heart, knowing that if something were to happen, you have a safety net to fall back on. While the best case scenario is to have nothing at all happen, it’s better to be prepared.