Take Your Office Outdoors This Summer

The professionals of today have come a long way from working from the office to working from home, but just because your time is yours doesn’t mean you’re entitled to spending that time taking vacations.

Or are you?

Your kids are set to pack as many adventures as they can into their summer holidays, and there’s no reason you should get left behind slaving away in your home office.

Here are some ways you can take your work outdoors this summer, and the best stages in your process to travel:

1. The local park

Business conversation in a networking event

Escape to your neighborhood park to prevent yourself going stir crazy from the monotony of staring at the four walls of your home office. Set up shop on a park bench while your kids toss a Frisbee or romp around on the grass, and look up from your work once in a while to breathe and observe your surroundings.

BEST WHEN: You’re brainstorming and searching for stimulating ideas. Bring a notebook and draw inspiration from nature, wildlife, and passersby from all walks of life.

2. The beach

Businessman working at a beach

When you’ve got one of those photos of work laid out on a colorful towel topped with a big umbrella on the beach, you know you’ve reached some independent contractor milestone. But make sure that your gadgets are well-protected against sand and spray!

BEST WHEN: You’re outlining the bare bones of the job, but not yet concentrating on the finer details. Just the right amount of productivity ebbing and flowing with the right amount of distraction.

3. The woods

Working outdoors in the woods

If you’re looking for somewhere with lots of privacy, a little solitude, and zero distractions, you could pack some weekend supplies and your brilliant ideas in a bag, and hole up by yourself in a cabin in the woods for the weekend.

BEST WHEN: It’s crunch time! You’re executing your ideas and finished outputs are popping out neatly one after the other. Some time alone and away from social media is in order so nothing can disrupt the flow.

4. The mountains

Work on top of a cliff

The hills are alive—with the sound of fresh new ideas. In case the summer heat is beginning to fry your brain, hike your way to the mountains. Find a café with a gorgeous view, and breathe in the crisp, highland air as you work instead of the city smog. If you’re feeling gutsy, take a hike to clear your mind and get the blood pumping!

BEST WHEN: Revising your work. A view of staggering, towering mountains (or from them, if you’re so inclined) tends put things into perspective, putting your focus on how far you’ve come instead of how much further you still have to climb.

5. Your backyard

Backyard office

If all else fails, there’s always your backyard! Turn on your Wi-Fi extender, bring out a folding table, make a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade, and sit down to your office in the outdoors, all within the comfort of your home.

BEST WHEN: Evaluating your project. Nothing will give you the mental grounding you need to honestly criticize your own work and hammer out the kinks than being right in your own domicile.

Now over to you

Do you have any other ideas for working outdoors? If so, please share with us!