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What Type of Business Would Need Website Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing systems have become essential to the everyday dealings of any business. Consumers want to be able to use their credit or debit card to complete payments, and businesses need to be prepared to to handle whatever payment type the customer can throw at them in order to be successful. Website credit card processing is a new way in which businesses can handle such payment options.

Merchant Account Solutions is a leader in providing such solutions as the Clover station in order for seamless transactions to be completed. With the Clover POS systems, businesses owners can choose to install a mobile option, a full service station or other system that meets their payment processing needs.

Clover POS

A Fully Functioning Payment System

The Clover Station is a great option for businesses that require a feature rich solution that can accept any kind of payment. Much like a standard terminal, the Clover Station includes a cash drawer. The difference is that it actually uses a tablet to complete transactions as well as provide visual feedback and information to the user.

The user interfaces of these devices are very intuitive and extremely user friendly. They also take advantage of advanced software to help you to track inventory, complete sales, make payments, run reports for the day, print documents, manage employee time sheets and much more.

It is clear that these kinds of devices have finally moved into the 21st century and they are now more affordable than ever. Before only large businesses could afford them, but now smaller businesses can benefit from this cost effective technology.

Clover POS credit card reader

Other features

The Clover Station unit also has a card reader function that allows practically any business to accept credit cards, debit cards, EVM chip cards and touchless payments. This gives any business the opportunity to receive payments from customers and this is so important in a world of practically unlimited payment methods.

Businesses that utilise these kinds of systems will find that this up-to-date technology will allow them to complete seamless and secure payments in a quick and easy manner. They will also feel at ease purchasing products or services from your company because they have a number of options to do so and this will lead to greater customer retention, as well as acquiring new customers.

It is so important to break down barriers to a transaction to be successful in the modern world of commerce and e-commerce.

Clover mobile POS

Choose What’s Right for You

MAS has a selection of Clover units you can choose from to find the right system for your payment processing needs and this flexibility means that any business can take advantage of these kinds of payment systems.

The Clover Mini is a great option for small businesses, the Clover Mobile is great for on the go companies and the Clover Station is ideal for a complete terminal and cash drawer set up that you would find in a traditional shop. Either way, you have a seamless payment option for consumers who are up to date with the latest technologies.

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