How to Stay Motivated When Your Business is Struggling

Running a business involves dealing with a lot of frustration and self-doubt. When you start a business, it’s typical for entrepreneurs to feel energized, motivated, and optimistic about the future. But don’t expect these emotions to last forever.

New businesses constantly face all sorts of challenges. It can be hard to stay motivated and confident through all this. It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs therefore to lose their drive.

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If you are feeling like giving up on your business, here are several tips that will help you stay motivated throughout:

Take a Break

When your business is just launching, the last thing on your mind would be taking a break. But that’s exactly what entrepreneur and investor John Burgess suggests businesspeople who are not feeling all that driven should do. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture during day-to-day struggles of running a business.

If an entrepreneur is not feeling up to it, the best solution is to just take a break from it all, suggests Mr. Burgess. It will help you relax and start seeing the big picture again. It’s not just the employees that need the occasional respite, bosses do too.

Talk to Peers

If there’s anyone else who understands what you are going through, it would be one of your peers. When you feel like giving up, or when you doubt yourself to lead your business towards success, ask a peer what to do. Peers would understand your struggles best, given their own experience with their own companies.

You can ask people you admire for support and advice. Being part of a business network or a small business association will help a lot during these times.

Read about Success Stories

Instead of spending your time doubting yourself, pick up a book about a business leader you admire. Start reading and you will find that pretty much all admired businessmen once struggled just like you. Steve Jobs’ troubles are well-known. He suffered many failures, and being let go, before he remade Apple into a global mega brand.

When you feel like you need a bit of inspiration, you can go over to the TED Talks website too. There are many videos of notable businesspeople giving speeches on failure and motivation that would help you keep your spirits up.

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Think about All the Good Things Your Business is Doing

Do you feel like your business is not as worthy as it’s supposed to? Then think about all the good it’s doing to the local community and your employees. How many people have you hired and provided livelihoods for? What about the positives your business brings to the locale you are operating from?

Businesses don’t exist in vacuums. Your business is very likely having a positive impact on the local community and also on other people. When you feel down, just ponder about this for a moment, and you will feel all the more motivated to continue.


Don’t feel too down if you have lost your motivation. Try one or two of the above suggestions to feel inspired and motivated once more.