4 Easy Ways To De-stress And Stay Motivated At Work In 2019

Working in or running an SME can be quite tasking as it comes with its own special quirks. Meeting up with deadlines, presentations, and a difficult colleague and at the same time having an angry boss breathing down your neck can be quite stressful.

To climb the career ladder in 2019, you need to consider some of the following de-stress techniques to combat office pressures and stay motivated all year round, despite the demands of your job.

Employee stretching at office

1. Stress Exercise

Sitting behind the desk all day can add to your stress and convert stress to tension. Your body is not designed to sit in one position for long hours; this can lead to health issues that will ultimately result to in stress-related illness. Based on a research by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), over 40% of the population in the UK reported to work-related illness.

If you are struggling, make sure you consult with your doctor early on for help and support; if you’re struggling to find the time to see a doctor, you can consult a medical professional via a virtual GP service, which some insurance providers like AXA will cover.

Outside of this, there are countless exercises to do in the office without unnecessarily infringing on your work hours. To subdue your anxiety and improve your mood simply take a walk for about 5 minutes around the office. You can go get water or chat with a colleague. You can also take a detour outside as the outdoor feel can elevate your spirit.

Alternatively, if you are pressed for time, you can simply practice deep breathing. By breathing in a lung-full of air and slowly breathing out through your mouth, you increase the circulation of oxygen all through your body. Stretching your neck, legs, back and arms for about 30 minutes will also loosen up tight-muscles and boost the circulation of blood.

Planning for the day

2. Plan and Prioritize

The first step is to start your day with a head-start by leaving your home a half hour earlier than you normally would. Rushing to work in the morning will only make you stressed out the entire day. The next step is to organize your work station. Organize your files and ensure that everything is neat and in the right place. This makes it easy for you to find whatever you need in less time, especially if you are in a hurry.

Make a checklist when you feel overwhelmed by non-stop office tasks and prioritize these. You can stay focused on the job. Take out time to control your overflowing inbox and manage your emails. This can be effective in motivating you when you are under pressure. It also ensures that you don’t miss out on anything.

3. Reach out

The buddy system is a great option to de-stress, utilize your collective brain and also enhance productivity at work. Communicating and reaching out to a colleague or a friend at work can give you an outside perspective and also build a friendly-bond between you. You can plan a small gathering on the weekend or meet up during lunch break. You do not have to be best friends to have a healthy work-relationship.

Businesswoman eating healthy

4. Healthy eating at regular intervals

Snacking on vegetables and fruits, pretzels, juice boxes, a cup of tea at regular intervals at work will not only boost up your energy-level but also modulate your blood sugar-level. Also make sure to drink lots of water.