What Is A Sales Funnel And Why It Should Matter To You

A sales funnel is the road you as a potential customer takes before you finally become a customer. Most businesses are nowadays using sales funnels to keep track of their sales – to know who is buying and who isn’t, and how they can improve their sales. Besides, sales funnels enable companies to understand their sales processes at each stage to see those converted at certain stages and those who were not converted.

A sales funnel looks like an inverted pyramid, just like the funnels we use to put oil in our cars. The width of the funnel represents your audience size typically. Maybe you’re wondering why you should have a sales funnel for your company. The first thing you should know is that it is a competitive advantage and the better you do it, the more sales you make as a business.

Importance of a sales funnel

Below are 3 solid reasons why a sales funnel matters to your business:

1. Customers Are Sophisticated

It’s not like the traditional days when a customer used to buy without taking much time to know who they are buying from. Things have changed. These days, consumers make sure they do their homework by researching about where they are going to buy. Besides, they check clickfunnels review before making a decision. In short, selling is becoming hard. You don’t sit around and wait that people will buy from your business. You have to put down some strategies.

This is a fact all copywriters know all too well. They do a lot of work when writing sales funnel copy to entice potential customers to buy. Customers have become rigid, and the more tactical your sales funnel page is, the more sales you will make. Sorry, but cold selling doesn’t work anymore.

2. The Purchase Cycle Is Not Instant

The purchase cycle will take a few hours, or a few months, or even a few years. Honestly, it’s difficult to know where your potential customers are going to land when they visit your page. Maybe if you are using a particular channel to attract only those who can buy instantly, but the truth is that there are high chances that there will be some potential customers who will visit, but walk away without buying.

What do you do now that you have potential customers visiting your site, but they aren’t buying? There’s nothing worse than paying for an ad to get a visitor to land on your page, and have them leave without buying anything. It sucks. Sales funnels work a little different, and you can find relief if that’s what you’re experiencing as a business.

The good thing about sales funnels is that it’s not trying to get your potential customers to buy initially. Its main aim is to attract the visitor to leave his or her email address. Once they leave their email address, you can give them a freebie to keep them in touch with your brand until you lure them back to make an actual purchase.

Purchase cycle not instant.

3. A Sales Funnel Builds Trust

In the second point, we talked about your visitors leaving their email addresses behind in exchange for their email addresses. Those email addresses are what will help you in building trust with your audience by communicating with them regularly. Once they’re hooked, you can now begin selling them your stuff, and you know what? They will buy it.

Final Thoughts

An effective sales funnel is essential if you have a business that wants to make actual profits rather than one-off sales. Other companies are already focusing on this important aspect of marketing and sales. Why aren’t you?