What Makes A Business Card Effective?

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Business cards

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Business cards: Not a decision to be taken lightly

For any business, a business card should always be a major consideration. This small, seemingly insignificant marketing tool reflects everything a consumer will want to know about your business. If you choose to provide a low quality, rudimentary business card you give the recipient the impression you offer a service of a similar poor quality.

A business card offers a doorway insight into your business. A great  business card will entice the consumer to investigate further, and give them all the information they’ll need to get in touch.

In light of this, a good business card is a vital tool needed for effective networking. The two most common styles of business cards are classic and folded, and HelloPrint offers variations on both of these styles – most notably enabling a business to exactly match the card, logo, and text colors with those used in their branding.

Stainless steel business cards
photo credit: Pure Metal Cards / Flickr

Designing your business card

There’s no universally accepted way to design a business card. However, there are a few key principals which are advisable to follow:

  • clear high definition logo
  • contact details
  • professional portrait

On the last point, it’s much easier to put a face to a name if you provide it on your card. This won’t always be appropriate in all cases, but it’s advisable for most professionals. Once you’re happy with the design, a key tip is that buying in high quantity will reduce the overall cost.

Of course, business printing can go far beyond just the initial exposure they provide. HelloPrint offers online printing and delivery of high quality flyers, low cost brochure printing, or rollup banners – just to name a few products. Alternatively, why not use HelloPrint for stationery printing, with the dual-benefit of increasing brand awareness for your customers as well as providing a consistent materials for your own staff?

Even something as simple as stickers allow your business to promote itself by attaching promotional material to items such as laptops. Whether your printing needs are personal or professional, HelloPrint provides a service which exceeds any competitor on quality or price, and is focused on the most important factor: customer satisfaction.