7 Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated And Productive

Reducing redundancy and encouraging better productivity can sometimes be a herculean task. Employees can easily get distracted and lose focus on what matters. As a leader, sometimes your team can encounter a problem which will threaten the morale of the team and the success of the project.

Motivated team

To keep your team motivated always, in reality, boils down to how efficient you are as a leader. Being a leader means more than dishing orders and expecting them to be obeyed. Being a leader also means steady propelling your team towards the goal. Here are some ways to keep your team motivated and productive always.

1. Be a good listener

Being a good listener is one of the qualities of a good leader. Listen to their opinion, complaints, and suggestions. Always give them room to talk during meetings and confrontation. You should also show the willingness to follow up on their suggestions if they are good. Sometimes they see things you missed, and listening to them can help you cover more grounds.

2. Show appreciation and give rewards

Experts say that employees are 12% more productive when they feel valued and appreciated. Do your best to keep your employees happy every time. Appreciate your workers for their hard work; praise and commend their efforts, and reward them with gifts. Commending a team member’s effort lightens up his or her spirit making him do more in order to receive more commendations.

3. Keep them connected

To gain the loyalty of your employees, keep them connected to each other and to management. People like being kept in the loop of happenings around them. It makes them feel respected and significant.

That, in return, boosts their contributions to the company. Keep your team members updated regularly on management decisions and how it affects them. Create a healthy work environment and watch them improve.

Keep employees connected

4. Show you care

Get to know your employees and relate with them on a personal level. Get to know their hobbies and interest; try to know their weaknesses too. Make out time to ask after their families every morning if you can.

Organise dinner outings for the company and have them invite their spouses. Get employee liability insurance to cover them against any unforeseen circumstances. When they believe the company cares deeply about them, they will dedicate their lives and resources to the growth of the company.

5. Conduct Training

Most individuals need to keep on learning constantly in order to remove monotony and improve at the workplace. As the boss, you can help boost their productivity by offering training programmes and expertise skills. Seek out for professionals in the needed fields and invest in HR development.

6. Keep an eye on salaries throughout your industry

Getting comfortable pay is the major reason why people want to work. Pay your employees regularly in order to keep them coming back every morning ready to do their best. Ensure the salaries are their actual worth and not less than the value they offer.

Employee chasing money

7. Avoid overworking them

From time to time, check the workload of your employees and be sure they can comfortably handle them. When you overwork your employees, it tells on their productivity. While working overtime may be in the interest of the company, try to keep it as minimal as possible. Study them to see how much they can handle and try not to push past that limit.


Making your employees a priority buys their loyalty and increases their work ethic. They will become more productive and help you grow and develop. While keeping an eye on the project, do not neglect your employees. When they are less motivated, you will barely scratch the surface.