How To Choose The Freelancer That Will Fit Your Business

Outsourcing your project and calling in a freelancer can be a smart move. This solution offers a cost-effective way to add someone to your team with special skills or to have someone help you reduce your daily workload. Either way, finding the right fit for your specific project is never easy, as hiring top talents does not come from a simple search. You need to know exactly what you want to be done, and find a suitable place for reaching out to professionals.

To help you find the most excellent talents out there, we put together a short list on how to find them.

Freelancer working at home

How to choose a freelancer for design jobs

Quality design is the cornerstone of a successful project. Therefore, you’ll need to know exactly what you are after and create a good design brief. Know the skills that could get the job done, meaning that you will have to have a basic understanding of the design world.

If you are unsure, consult with someone before going after your freelancer. However, in most cases, if you have a clear idea – or you can show an example – you can already start a productive conversation with most candidates. Also, don’t forget to test the skills of your chosen candidates: consider running a trial project, or have them evaluate works of your competitors. This can get you deeper insights on their skills, abilities, and their creative processes.

All in all, don’t simply just judge based on their portfolios, instead assign some actual tasks.

How to choose a freelancer for article writing jobs

Article writing is more demanding as it sounds! To get that next rockstar content creator you’ll have to dig deep.

While surfing the most popular freelance sites, you’ll find tons of article writers, copywriters, content creators, ghostwriters, editors, etc. Based on your desired end product you’ll have to choose a specific type of writer, who can get the job done. Check online sites offering article writing jobs where you’ll be able to post your own project.

After having a few candidates for the position, keep an eye on the most important skills required. These are grammar, punctuation, adaptability, and a good understanding of SEO – needed to create quality, web content. Put those skills to the test, or ask for previously completed pieces of work. This way, you’ll be able to decide on the best candidate.

SEO specialist at work

How to choose a freelancer for SEO jobs

Once again, having a general idea of what an SEO campaign involves is indispensable when looking for a freelancer. In cases someone claims that they can put you in the #1 spot in Google, be suspicious. Good SEO takes time and finding the perfect candidate might take even more.

Ask for the list of current and former customers and view your candidate’s past work examples, and talk to references. Ask about their future SEO strategy, and ask for a review on your own website. This way you’ll get to know your candidate’s skills better, and have a basic idea of what you can expect.

Last and not least, watch out for the ones using black hat SEO techniques (like spamming) as you can easily end up with a penalty.

Preparation is the key

Even though you are the one hiring, you’ll also need to dedicate considerable time for preparation. You need to know what exactly you are after, to find the perfect candidate for your project. In case the world of SEO or design is something totally new to you look for someone who you can consult with.

If you are prepared, you can only end up with someone who is the right fit for your own business needs.