How to Ensure the Office is a Comfortable Place for Employees

A messy, ugly, too hot or cold workplace can be a significant deterrent to the overall productivity and creativity of employees. If employees are not comfortable in the office they tend to feel restless, become distracted easily or are unable to put forth their best effort. This can in turn lead to a significant loss of productivity and can affect the bottom line of a business.

Moreover, spending hours in a place which is too cold or does not have the right furniture can cause unnecessary stress and can affect the health of your employees. This can result in problems such as increased absences or a higher turnover.

Positive workplace

On the other hand, positive workplaces tend to make employees comfortable which can have a direct impact on the performance and happiness of your employees. Workplaces which have certain features such as the right temperature foster productivity and excellence. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the office is comfortable for its employees.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your office is a comfortable place for employees.

1. Ensure that the temperature is ‘reasonable’

Complaints about the heating or air conditioning in offices and other workplaces is extremely common – it is either too hot or too cold. It could be that the humidity levels are too high or that there isn’t enough air circulation. A leading cause of this could be a faulty heater. In areas such as Philadelphia where the weather can become downright frigid, ensuring that your employees are comfortably warm is essential for their health and productivity. Hence, if your heater is acting up or unable to keep your office space comfortable, then it is time to call for heater repair services.

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2. Invest in the right office furniture

Back pain can be one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in the workplace. Thus, employers should consider investing in the right office equipment which is specially designed for your workplace. For example, if your employees have to sit in front of their computers for any length of time, then equipping your office with ergonomic chairs, keyboards and mouse can be essential for ensuring their comfort. It can also help avoid issues such as employees developing Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or even the risk of premature death.

3. Build a comfortable rest area

Having a rest area or a break room where your employees can relax during lunch or tea breaks can make a significant difference in their overall attitude, productivity, and creativity. A comfortable rest area includes clean drinking water, hot and cold drinks, a kitchen facility, etc.

Bright productive workspace

4. Maximize your lighting

Nobody wants to work in a dark and gloomy office and it is proven that certain office lighting can in fact effect employee productivity. While in a perfect situation your office/workspace should have plenty of windows with enough natural light, not every office is designed this way. Hence, if your office does not get enough sunlight, then try to keep the place bright with the help of lamps and overhead lighting which is not too bright.

5. Ensure there is no exposed or untidy wiring

Exposed or untidy wiring can pose a significant health hazard to employees. At minimum, untidy wiring on the floor can be a tripping hazard or at worst they can be a source of fires or electrical shocks. Hence, it is important to use workplace safety products which can help you arrange and organise your wires.

These are a few tips you should follow to ensure that your office is comfortable for your employees. Making a few changes such as adding a rest area and getting faulty heaters repaired can go a long way towards ensuring that your employees remain happy, satisfied, and productive.