Ten Ways to Kickstart Productivity in the Workplace

Whether you have a team of one working below you or a comprehensive, multi-discipline outfit under your control; workplace productivity can have a significant effect upon your output and your business’ performance profitability.

These ten simple techniques can help improve staff morale, workplace productivity and, over time, profitability.

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Hire For Personality and Skill

In many circumstances, employees will spend as much time every month with their co-workers as their friends, family and loved ones. This makes it vitally important all members of the team are able to work happily and effectively with one another. When hiring new members of the team, consider their personality and how they will fit in with the rest of the team before making a decision on a new employee. Select the candidate who has the required skills and will help other members of the team reach their potential.

The Financial Times even ran an article suggesting it is more important for a colleague to be likeable than skilled.

Reward Performance

The carrot on the stick is not a new concept to inspire productivity in the workplace, but it needs to be tailored to the team. Money saved over the year being put towards an office party is a classic incentive, but not particularly rewarding for members of the team who may not like parties. Ask the team how they would prefer to be rewarded and act upon sensible suggestions. This will help the team feel more valued and personally involved in the company’s progress.

Offer Flexibility

No employee wants to feel trapped and inhibited. Altering a role to offer more flexibility can help keep them satisfied, productive and effective in the workplace. Offering employees the opportunity to work from home can help them feel trusted and valued by the company. Sage suggests that allowing employees to work from home will lead to a more motivated workforce.

Utilise New Technologies

Employees don’t want to be working on old pieces of technology and hardware which struggle to simultaneously run a web browser and word processing software. Make their working day more efficient and stress-free by keeping technology up-to-date and efficient. Keep abreast of new software and hardware developments which could benefit your team with PC Mag.

Lead by Example

A boss who turns up to the office at 16.55, golf bag in tow, is less likely to inspire dedication and loyalty from the workforce than a dedicated 9-5er. Demonstrate your own value to the team with a regular presence in the office and recognisable contributions. The team are more likely to work hard for a team leader who puts the hours in.

Streamline Operations

If members of the team see the business wasting money of unnecessary pursuits, poor investments or vanity projects, they may become disheartened with their level of pay and value to the company. Identify to the team intelligent and efficient cost-cutting exercises. Utilising comparison sites such as Rapid Parcel and Broadband Deals can help demonstrate the company’s commitment to intelligent use of company funds – helping the team feel more valued and appreciated.

Open the Floor to Suggestions

Invite and action relevant and helpful suggestions from the team. This can help increase their sense of worth, value to the company and improve their immediate working conditions. If you install a suggestion box, make sure you act upon the submitted suggestions which could help improve the workplace.

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Offer Value

From pension schemes to Bupa cover, offering value to members of the team can help them feel appreciated within their workplace. Offer genuine value to their lives rather than arbitrary extras and benefits they will never use of benefit from. Genuine value can come from almost any source: from offering new language courses to book schemes.

Encourage Bonding without Condescending Courses

The bonding weekend in Menai with trust falls and two beer tokens per participation has become something of a pastiche. Encourage team bonding and workplace friendships through more natural means. Monthly lunches are an affordable way to encourage team members to open up and integrate more effectively with one another. When team members become comfortable with one another outside of the workplace, their in-work relationships will benefit.

Leave the Suit for the Suits

Non-client or customer facing employees may be wondering why exactly they are required to wear a three piece suit buttoned to the top every day at work. Allowing employees to dress in their own clothes can help them feel more comfortable in the workplace, express themselves and improve their output. Funky Tie Friday may not even be enough to improve their comfort and attitude.