3 Crucial Decisions You Must Make About Your Next Business Vehicle

Your current business vehicle provided excellent service for a long time, but it’s beginning to spend more time in the shop and less time on the road. Instead of continuing to sink more money into a car or truck that will not last much longer, it’s time to think about purchasing a replacement.

Before you start looking at different makes and models, there are some decisions you need to make up front. Here are three of the most important ones and how they will impact the type of vehicle you purchase for your business.

Businessman in a company car

Keeping Up Appearances

Whether you like it or not, the type of business vehicle you drive is an indicator of your and your business’ social status and personal preferences. It also tells others a little about your personality. Before you go car hunting, it makes sense to come up with a list of makes and models that are truly a reflection of who you are and maybe where you are going in life.

Maybe you are the practical type who wants a vehicle that is comfortable but can be used for all sorts of tasks. If that’s the case, checking out a Jeep or some type of truck would be a good idea. Both types of vehicles come with plenty of comforts, are more fuel-efficient than ever, and also happen to come in handy in more situations than a sedan or a van.


Perhaps you like the idea of owning a luxury vehicle that happens to come with a lot of power. That can be important if you are in the process of advancing your career and want to cultivate the image of a successful business professional. In this scenario, settling on something like a new or used bmw x makes a lot of sense. People will notice when you pull up and immediately assume you are doing quite well. On the practical side, the vehicle does get excellent mileage so you will feel free to take off for a weekend trip without worrying about incurring a lot of travel costs.

The Cost of Maintenance and Upkeep

While all business vehicles need maintenance and upkeep, some are known to require less attention. Even the maintenance that must be done may cost less with certain types of vehicles. Depending on your financial circumstances, it may be wise to choose a vehicle that is known to provide excellent performance and need little more than basic upkeep. When that upkeep can be provided without a lot of additional cost, you have more money to take care of your other living expenses.

Don’t Forget the Auto Insurance Premiums

Business vehicle

Buying a car or truck involves considering more than the initial cost. There’s also the matter of commercial auto insurance to think about. Based on the classification of the vehicle and the age, you could find the premiums a little difficult to manage.

There’s quite a difference in what you will pay for insurance if you choose something that is classed as a sports car versus something that is considered to be a for-business vehicle like vans. Make sure you can afford the insurance before deciding to buy a certain make and model.

The goal is to invest in a vehicle that will get you where you want to go without a lot of problems along the way. Consider the image you want to project, the ongoing costs associated with upkeep, and how much the insurance will set you back. Once you come up with answers to those questions, you are ready to go business vehicle shopping.