How to Pick the Best Limo Company

Whether you’re planning a special event like a wedding or are in need of a chauffeur to pick up important business associates from the airport, it is important that you know what to look for—and what to avoid—in your selection of limo companies. Not all limo companies offer the same level of service and, let’s face it, if you’re willing to spend money to drive your guests in style, you want it done right.

Luxury limousine

Check for Safety Features

Your first concern should be for the safety of the passengers. You should make sure that the limo company’s drivers are professionally trained and have enough experience to make the drive safe and comfortable. The company you choose should also be meticulous about car and limo inspections and have the appropriate insurance.

Ask About Available Vehicles

When it comes to the car selection, it’s rare that a good limo company would only have a traditional stretch limo option. You can ride in style in anything from a Lincoln Town Car to a party bus these days, so make sure the company you choose offers the right kind of vehicle to suit your needs.

Get Price Comparisons

The price will vary depending on your choice, so that’s something to consider carefully. You should shop around before making a decision; you don’t have to spend a fortune for safe and professional service. Some companies will hit you with hidden fees like driver gratuity, fuel surcharge, and even toll fees if there are tolls on the route. Always make sure you ask if the prices are all inclusive before committing to the service.

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Find a Company With a Proven Reputation

It’s also a good idea to look for an established limo company, although newly opened companies often have a lot to offer as well. You should read reviews and customer testimonials to give you a better idea of overall customer satisfaction. Look for things like ‘professional airport limo service’ and ‘polite and punctual chauffeur.’ Avoid any company that received bad reviews for late arrivals, unprofessional behavior, or vehicle breakdowns.

It can seem quite easy to just pick a limo company out of the phone book and hope for the best, but in reality, you really need to do your homework thoroughly before making your final decision. You need to remember that the goal is a comfortable, pleasant and safe drive—something that not all limo companies are able to offer consistently.