Shipping Business: Why The Software You Are Using is Vital to Your Business

This seems like a broad topic but as a successful business owner you know exactly what it means.

The software you use to run your company is the grease that keeps all of the part moving. When you’re in the world of production and shipping, it’s easy for things to grind to a halt when the logistics of moving your product become expensive, slow, and require additional labor resourcing.

Using shipping software

FedEx and UPS are great but they don’t want to work together in order to help offer you the best options for shipping products. They are worried about their bottom line, as should you! That’s why you need to invest in multi-carrier shipping software now.

Your Competition is Already Doing It

You have a great product yet you’re still being beat out by the competition – why? Fact is, they are likely able to deliver their product faster and at a reduced cost because they are already using a multi-carrier shipping software solution.

Most sales are lost when buyers are faced with the addition of shipping costs, so make sure you’re offering your client the best possible solution, regardless of delivery service. Do you honestly care if it’s FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service that is making the delivery? As long as the product arrives safely, on time, and at a great price, that’s all that matters!

By having a multi-carrier shipping solution, you have the competitive advantage in reducing shipping costs.

One Place

Trying to manage shipping is hard on the best of days. With hundreds or thousands of items moving every day it’s easy to lose track items, and then the complaints start to pile up. By having a multi-carrier software solution, such as Precision Software, everything is managed by a single platform, so you can track all of your packaging from one source, rather than hunting down packages in a handful of software suites that all have huge learning curves.

Business is Business

You aren’t running a successful business and warehouse without well-defined rules and regulations. A successful shipping business is built on a foundation of workflows and business rules.

A great multi-carrier shipping software allows you to consolidate all of those roles, regulations, and flows into one place – making sure that your customer experience is consistent regardless of shipping solution. Customers don’t care how they receive a product, they simply want it to be fast, convenient, cost effective, and consistent.

Cut costs

Don’t Forget About Cost

If you’re in shipping you need to budget! Prices fluctuate on a daily basis, and checking them is essentially but costly. A multi-carrier shipping software can perform the task for you and keep your prices as low as possible up to the second. It’s honestly a no brainer if you’re shipping regularly.


So help take your business and product to the next level. Dominate the competition by not only having a better product but delivering it faster and cheaper than the other guy.