IT Business: The Evolution of IT in The School System and The Market Opportunity it Offers Today

When it comes to selling IT products like computers, the big companies that fight for the most sales each year have a lot of markets to consider.

The business sector will always have use for new intelligent devices that focus on teamwork, productivity and workflow, while the entertainment department will always jump at the opportunity to buy new devices that offer more freedom of access and versatility in how multimedia can be viewed and interacted with. These are just two examples of how the IT market is divided and yet still united under the universal desire of getting more tech.

College students with laptop

For the longest period of time, tech has been absent from schools. No, we’re not talking about having some 20 year old computer stuck in a room somewhere, we’re talking about modern, efficient IT solutions that help today’s students and learners advance with ease trough course material and find new interactive ways of achieving goals.

There’s been a change

That is no longer the case, at least not for the past couple of years. For the past couple of years, schools have started to embrace modern tech and more IT solutions have been implemented at a national scale(or international, depending on where you’re reading from). Colleges giving away laptops is no longer a fantasy, but a reality as the biggest companies are looking for ways to get accustomed with this relatively new market. It’s not new because it didn’t exist before, but because it hasn’t been properly tapped into for literal ages.

The first signs

The first signs of this change appeared a couple of years back with the popularization of Chromebook devices. These special netbooks offered a unique approach to browsing the internet, in the sense that everything they did was based on browsing the internet. With the exception of a very limited hard drive that would store backups locally, everything a Chromebook does is based on browsing the web and using cloud technology. This is further attested by its operating system which isn’t the standard Microsoft Windows, but a special version of Google Chrome, an OS developed by Google, based on the company’s browser with the same name.

College students

Tablets are becoming baseline accessible for the education system

While Chromebooks and offers from companies like Microsoft to populate schools with these devices gave the education system as a whole a big boost in terms of IT prowess, it doesn’t stop there. As of lately, companies that provide multiple variations of tablet devices also showcase smaller variations which are intended for the education system. Just imagine a world where each student has their own tablet to work on at school. This kind of versatility would definitely improve the education system.

It remains to be seen how technology will continue to foray in the tough rock to crack that has been the education system. With very efficient IT solutions becoming more and more affordable, it is becoming even more so a reasonable consideration to implement further IT into each school’s mainframe of operations.