How to Run a Tech-Savvy Business Without Actually Having to be Tech-Savvy

It’s no great secret in modern business that anyone who wants to survive needs to be aware of the ways in which technology has changed business. From big corporations to tiny local businesses, every modern business is reliant on technology. That’s because their customers are using it: customers search for products and services online, and they use technology to make their decisions about everything from the local hair salon to their next car purchase.

This can make for a bewildering situation for small business owners. We all know how to Google something, but knowing the other side of that equation – how to get our small business to show up when other people Google certain terms – seems to require a daunting amount of technological knowledge. And, in fact, it does! But that doesn’t mean that you should give up hope.

Tech-savvy business team

Outsourcing: your way around the tech requirements of modern business

You’re not an expert in SEO (that’s “search engine optimization” – the science behind the solution to that Google problem we just put forward). You started this business to do what you’re good at, not to do SEO!

But somebody out there is good at SEO. And when they started their business, they founded it on what they’re good at, just like you did with yours. So, of course, they have an SEO business! And SEO businesses cater to clients who want what SEO can offer: a great spot on the SERP (that’s the “search engine results page,” naturally). In other words, an SEO expert’s target client is you.

So call one up, and outsource this particular part of your business. Good SEO will offer you a great return (in fact, it’s really essential in modern marketing), so it’s a wise investment. And it will allow your business to reap the benefits of being tech-savvy, without you personally having to learn how to type properly or what RAM actually means.

SEO isn’t the only thing you can outsource. Here are a few places to consider relying on the experts:

  • Digital marketing. You need to advertise where your customers are. And where are they? Well, online, of course! So speak to digital marketing experts about banner ads, email mailers, and more. If you’re not advertising online, you might as well not be advertising at all.
  • IT. If your business uses computers, you need an information technology expert. But nobody said that your IT had to be in-house! If your IT needs are relatively small, paying a full-time staff doesn’t make sense. So go ahead and outsource the problem to an IT firm that specializes in serving businesses.
  • SEO. As we already mentioned, SEO is something you’ll want to turn to an expert for. SEO will get you higher up in search engine results. And since most customers use search engines to access just about every type of information on the internet, this is pretty much essential.
  • Web design. Good web design is absolutely essential to the success of your business. Customers search for businesses online, and if your website looks shady, they’ll steer clear of you. And if you have an old website, it’s time you checked it again. Does it still look modern? Be sure to check it on a smartphone – that’s how many customers will view it, and modern consumers have no patience for websites that are slow to load on or poorly optimized for mobile devices.

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These technological tasks are essential to the success of your business. But you don’t have to be a tech expert to succeed in the modern marketplace. Outsource your tech needs to the huge numbers of experts that exist to serve those exact needs, and focus on what you do best!