Schools that Offer Free Laptops and iPads to Their Students

Okay, I don’t mean to sound cocky but you have to agree that this title makes you want to go on reading this article. Actually, you should because I’ve got some juicy information for anyone looking to enroll in an advanced school for further studies.

Does this title really stand? Well, I will go ahead and say yes because there are in fact some schools out there providing laptops and iPads for their students.

College students

I cannot however guarantee that they are 100% free.

The school will with either offer to pay for a larger percentage of the total costs of the devices or they will take it out of your student loans. They may even consider working out a payment plan that works for you.

The good news is that they have them and they are accessible to any student. well, as specified by the institution.


You might be asking yourself the question, “What is the reason as to why they are doing this?” It’s pretty simple actually. The reason for doing this is to offer support to anyone who is having trouble supporting themselves through college. They are literally “making the burden lighter”.

Suppose you are an online student in the same school, I bet they would not let you miss classes just because you cannot afford to be there physically every day. They bring the school to where you are so you can study from home or when you get that break from work. Do these schools giving away free laptops and ipads to their students? I’d like to think, “yes”, at least in the long run since they will be having more students enrolling for studies. Logically, more students usually mean more tuition fee.

College students with laptop

Which schools offer free laptops and iPads?

Anyway, let’s get down to it and look at the schools that make this project possible.

1. Bethel University

This particular university offers iPads to, get this, every online and full-time student that decides to enroll into the school. Here is the thing though, you are going to have to inquire from the school, the payment plans for the devices in case there are any.

Remember to get full information on what is covered by the money you pay before enrolling into the school. Word around the street is that you are allowed to keep your iPad even after graduation but if I were you, I’d check with the institution on this in order to avoid debts and unnecessary baggage.

2. Illinois Institute of Technology

This is a very nice school especially if you are going for a course in the sciences. Guess what, they do have iPads for all incoming first years. The iPads are indeed free but with the way they have their fee structured, it’s like you’ll have already paid for your iPad. I mean the tuition fee is quite high, but hey, if you choose to go there, you can’t really complain about the fee because it’s all worth it.

3. College America

This school does provide laptops for all their students. There is a twist though.If by any chance you are unable to complete your studies and graduate, you won’t get a chance to keep your laptop because they are considered rentals until you graduate. After graduation, however, it becomes all yours except for the Master’s students who do not qualify for this all.

Isn’t that just a sweet deal? All you have to do is graduate then you get to keep the laptop.

4. Full Sail University

A computer is a basic requirement for any student that chooses to enroll into this school therefore the laptops are provided by the school. Remember the student’s loan part I talked about in the intro? Well, this school charges you a fee for the laptop which is taken out of your student loan depending on which computer you ask the school to provide. Yes, you get to choose any laptop you want.

So, this one doesn’t seem free but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about that when you enroll.

5. Everest University Online

You all have probably heard of this one. I mean this school is known all over. Anyway, to answer our yes or no question, they provide loaner laptops to online students only. I am thinking they made it so because most students these days want to have that online presence even if they are far from the particular institution. “Virtual classrooms” is like the new thing these days. Full-time students can go along just fine because they are in school every day.

Salford Business School students
photo credit: University of Salford Press Office / Flickr


There are lots of schools out there that I haven’t mentioned. These five were to give you the gist of what is out there.

If you are looking for more I can suggest you get more information on a couple of more schools or better yet, contact their administration and you’ll definitely have all your questions answered. Check out schools like Drexel University, Colorado Technical University, Seton Hill University just to mention a few of the popular ones.

I cannot possibly have everything on here because there is too much information on this particular subject but hey, I have compiled to top five in my opinion. Remember to get full information on any prospective school to avoid financial stress.