10 Ways How Smartphone Can Transform into a Mobile-Office

Nowadays, you need to be at work even when you’re not in the office. You might be out and about during your day and your boss needs you to help with a special project. Or you might be on your lunch break and you need to research for a customer meeting that you forgot. That’s when your smartphone comes into play.

There are tons of ways that you can transform your smartphone into a mobile office. That way, you can always be at work and ready to get your work done without ever having to come into the office or hop onto a desktop computer.

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Keep reading below to learn more about these ways and how to implement them into your work life.

1. You Can Take Notes During Meetings Super Easily

If you’re going to be in meetings all day, then there are probably tons of things you’ll have to remember. Your boss might tell you to get something done that’s easily forgotten. Or you might have to speak with one of your customers about something. That’s why you need to have your smartphone around.

With this device, you can easily write down your notes using various widely-available apps to remember for later.

2. You Can Even Use Your Smartphone as A Voice Recorder During Meetings

If you don’t want to get on your smartphone to type while your boss is speaking, then you can easily set up a voice recorder on your phone to record what’s going on. This is an absolutely great tool to retain information for those of you who might not have the best memory to remember everything that went on during a meeting. You can go over these voice recordings later to get everything you should remember.

3. You Can Join a Phone or Virtual Meeting Right from Your Smartphone

Of course, one of the best ways that a smartphone with a phone case can become a mobile office is when you can join into a virtual or phone meeting with it. There are tons of apps you can use for this or you can just call in with a phone number that your boss provides you with. This means that you’ll be able to join in from meetings no matter where you are in the world.

4. You Can Get Paid from Your Smartphone

There are even ways that your boss can now pay from your smartphone. You don’t have to deal with waiting for your paycheck to come into the mail with certain apps on your smartphone that make getting paid so much easier. Be sure to research some and speak to your boss about which can be used at work.

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5. You Can Manage Your To-Do List

Everyone needs to have a to-do list if you’re going to get anything done that needs to get done. And that’s exactly where your smartphone can come into play. There are tons of apps that allow you to keep a to-do list and be reminded about the items that you need to get done today or those that can wait until tomorrow. This is a great way to prioritize your work and ensure it all gets done in a timely manner.

6. There Are Apps to Scan Business Cards and Store Contact Information

We all know the struggle of getting tons of business cards at networking events, but struggling to remember who is who or always struggling to look through our business card holder to get the right card. That’s why you should download an app on your smartphone that allows you to scan business cards and get that information right into your contact book. This is the best way to remember who all those people are that you met at that networking event and easily search for names and positions when you need to get into contact with someone.

7. With A Smartphone, You Can Update CRM Info on The Go

If you are in a business where you need to keep up with customer information, then you can easily download the app your company uses on your smartphone and update the CRM on the go. You can enter information about what happened on a customer meeting or some crucial information that you just found out. Or you can even just use the CRM on your smartphone to prepare for a meeting you forgot about.

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8. You Can Edit Any Word Documents from The Smartphone Microsoft App

Of course, every business is going to be using a Word document every now and then. That’s why your smartphone should have the Microsoft Word app on there, so that you can update Word documents on the run. This is going to make life so much easier when you don’t have to run to your laptop or desktop computer to edit Word documents and send them off.

9. You Can Track Your Personal and Business Finances

Of course, finances are a huge part of being part of a business and just living your own financial life. That’s where the smartphone comes into play. You can easily track your business and personal expenses right from a handy-dandy app. There are plenty of budget apps to choose from on the app store, so don’t be afraid to shop around and see which one is best for your needs.

10. You Can Even Learn a New Language with Help with Your Job

And lastly, you might even need to learn a new language to advance your position at work or to do your job better. Or you might just be thinking about relocating to another country with your company and learning a new language might be mandatory. That’s why your smartphone can easily help you do this job, too!

There are plenty of language-learning apps you can choose from to help you learn Spanish, French, or Chinese!

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There’s no reason why your smartphone shouldn’t become your new mobile-office. There’s really nothing that your smartphone can’t do! It’s going to seriously help out when you’re trying to get work done in the office or trying to connect with work while out of the office.