Understanding your Customers: The Benefits of Market Research

All companies exist in a specific type of market, therefore target a specific type of people. The market is made up by current or potential customers, competitors and other market players. In order to be successful in your market, you need to understand why customers are buying certain products from yourselves, and your competitors.

There are multiple reasons as to why people buy these certain products therefore, you need to do some market research to find out the reasons behind their purchase.

Market research

Market research matters

For business’ that offer services or products for a specific market or market niche, market research is vital. Market research is an organised objective assembling and analysis of data about your target market and competition, with your overall objective being to increase your understanding of them. The most common thing that people get wrong when it comes to market research is that it is not an activity conducted only once. It is a process that needs to be carried out numerous times if you really want to benefit from it.

The power of information is phenomenal when it comes to market research. The information you find can guide your decisive strategic business decision and potentially, if carried out well, the findings and outcomes you reach have a value that outweighs the cost of the research itself.

What can market research offer your business?

Suppose you’re entering the UK market. You need some numbers that can help you with your decision making.  Here’s what you should do: Research companies in London and other regions in the UK that are after your products to get an idea of what types of people and businesses are interested in your products.  Here’s a recap on the booming markets in the UK.

Booming markets in numbers - infographic
by Circle Research


Taking action on the market research results

Once you have got the results from your market research, you should have enough knowledge to formulate an effective way to communicate effectively to your customers. You should know what they like and don’t like, therefore you can tailor what you do and say to make them take action.

Market research can uncover many answers to the questions you may have regarding your next business move. For example; you may be looking to unveil a new product, however, from the market research you carried out, it seems that the product is not what your market wants or needs at this precise moment. Therefore, you are able to make some adjustments as to what you are going to offer to suit your audience.


To conclude, market research is an invaluable tool that, at first glance, might seem expensive and time consuming, but it is nothing more than an investment and is very rewarding in the long run. Put yourself in front of your competitors and ensure you are the leading business in your industry with effective market research!