5 Reasons Why Netflix is Winning Over The TV Audiences Everywhere

Although you can watch US Netflix from outside of the USA too, the video streaming platform has its franchises in a large number of countries today. Let’s understand why Netflix has managed to outdo even the network TV and is winning over the audiences everywhere.

Netflix on retro TV set

Makes binge-watching possible

Television watching has always been about building up tension, expanding the ad revenue potential, episode after episode, week after week. As Netflix cares very little for ads, it headed in a completely different direction.

You can indulge in some serious binge watching on Netflix, and see an entire season’s episodes in one single go! This also gives you the convenience of watching the programmes at your own leisure, and many prefer such instant gratification mode, often powering through an entire season in one sitting!

With Netflix, there’s no need to wait for, and sit through a painful 42-minute show that has almost 20 minutes of repetitive commercials!

No competition in the prime-time hours

TV channels like NBC, CBS, FOX etc. are constantly engaged in a battle to gain the top spot in TV viewership. All of them focus their energies on the prime-time slot, that is between 8 PM and 11 PM on weekdays. They show their strongest shows at these hours, hoping to grab as many eyeballs as they can, all through the week. Netflix, veers away from this norm and isn’t bothered about such struggle.

Being a video streaming service, Netflix doesn’t need to worry about ratings or top spot during the prime-time hours. As it is based on a completely different model, entire seasons can be released and shown flexibly, depending on the viewers’ needs.

Netflix mobile app

Innovative programming approach

The data that gets streamed through Netflix is highly guarded is released only when required. Internally, the people at Netflix are well aware how many people are currently streaming which movies and which shows. They can make effective use of all such data to improve their programming. It’s a completely different approach compared to how network TV operates.

Majority of the conventional TV channels use the outdated Nielsen rating system. Considering the rising levels of piracy and streaming services, Nielsen is no longer as dependable as it once used to be. There are many shows that don’t have good Nielsen ratings but still have millions of people watching them through other means.

Collaboration with Marvel

Marvel started at its TV journey with a show called ‘Agents of Shield’ on ABC. It soon followed up on the AOS’ success with a spin-off of ‘Agent Carter.’ Thereafter, majority of their TV productions have been for the Netflix platform, starting with ‘Daredevil’ in 2015. Marvel shows have a huge fan following throughout the world, and is guaranteed to further expand Netflix’s reign as the topmost streaming platform in the world.

Matching and even exceeding the quality of network TV

Netflix has learned from its debacles that it isn’t enough to be just a superior way of watching television for the viewers. It worked pretty hard on its productions and came up with shows that defined the TVs golden age. Series like Unbreakable Kimi Schmidt, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and others have helped it raise the bar in terms of the quality of programmes.