Knowing Your Customer: Why It’s So Important to Your Business

Knowing your customer (KYC) is becoming a massive player in many online businesses these days and you too should consider it if you’re looking to improve the experience for your customers. However, it is also important to ensure your customers are who they say they are. It doesn’t necessarily matter what industry you serve, KYC can provide security for your business’ future.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why KYC is so important.

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Prevent Minors from Accessing Age Restricted Products/Services

When it comes to minors, local business regulators take the safety of them very seriously, so it’s important you do all you can to ensure products and/or services that are age-restricted don’t fall into their hands. Minors will always be curious and will always try and register for an account or buy products that they’re not allowed. Therefore, by introducing the right KYC solution like CognitoHQ, you’re always going to be able to protect them and your business. Industry-proven identification verification services such as Cognito are a key part of customer identification in the modern world, so stay legal and start using one today.

KYC Boosts Customer Experience

With the right KYC product in place, you’ll be able to better serve your customers. Not only does KYC prevent bad customers from registering; it also helps existing customers because it knows them. For example, if one of your customers forgets they have an account with you and registers with the same details, KYC solutions work with the data you already have and will let them know there is already an account with similar details.

Builds Trust Among Customers

When customers register for an account and pay for products/services, they’ll feel better knowing you have the right anti-fraud procedures in place. While such systems may or may not affect your customers directly, the more security you have in place from the bottom up will surely make customers feel more comfortable when dealing with you.

KYC provides an extra layer of security for customers to benefit from and they’ll know you’ve got the right systems in place to counter fraudulent registrations from occurring.

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Protects Your Business

As stated above, KYC systems prevent minors from getting hold of products/services they’re not allowed and this protects your business from lawsuits. KYC also helps prevent identity fraud and money laundering and again, if fraud takes place on your watch, your business could end up paying the price.

Helps Businesses Grow

With better security in place in terms of KYC, it’s only going to provide a platform for your business to grow further. Your customers are going to be happy with the experience and security they’re provided with, but also, potential partners will see you’ve done what it takes to secure your business for the future.


In conclusion, KYC solutions may well only provide security benefits to customers and your business, but it also offers many other benefits in terms of business growth and happy customers. So, if you’re yet to find a good KYC solution for your business, it’s time to step up your search so your business can secure its future and compete against some of the bigger fish.