Being the Linchpin in 2017

In 2010, Seth Godin wrote a phenomenal piece called Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Contained within this work is a blueprint for being an individual no business can do without. It detailed how to angle your work and effort to be more than someone in a managerial or labor role. It encouraged readers to shape their future by making themselves indispensable.

The linchpin of the company

The Resistance to Automation and Outsourcing

Most of our jobs will one-day be done through automation else they’re outsourced to capable individuals in the present. This doesn’t bode well to many.

Both automation and outsourcing make it increasingly difficult to position yourself as this indispensable person considering there’s almost always someone willing to do it better and cheaper.

How does one stay relevant?

More than ever is the need for an individual to take control of the situation. Whether it’s someone that curates content or someone in the role of managing teams. Automation and outsourcing are two tools/resources for completing a task but they’re nothing without the right guidance.

Becoming a Leading Player (aka The Linchpin)

You reflect the characteristics of a successful person and you have the enthusiasm for work and learning new skills to stay relevant. Great.

Now it’s time to up the ante:

Problem Solving

Take control through intensive courses and workshops to earn a six sigma certification. This cert is verification telling of your ability to select, define, measure, analyze, improve, and control projects.

These courses are intended to turn a manager or strong employee into a leader. The ability to command a team and see projects to completion shows incredible, indispensable value; a way to keep the position on-site rather than funneling it through tech or a third-party overseas.

Forward Thinking

New tech comes and goes – often in a blink of an eye – and trying to keep up with every passing trend, development, or resource is impossible. Yet, it’s worth the try…

What forward thinking does is prep yourself to present new options and opportunities when they’re hot. What matters is that you’re the one the business or corp can lean on for guidance. In a lot of ways, it’s grooming yourself to be the CTO.

This is accomplished by following cutting-edge tech blogs, learning new skills via online courses, mentorships, attending conferences, and “scratching your itch” in the quest for knowledge.

It’s a way to build skills for tomorrow.

Young entrepreneur

Is Two Enough?

There are several ways to make yourself indispensable to a business though the direction we’re going in 2017 (and beyond) is leaning heavily toward this need for leadership in the everyday roles.

We’re now seeing the workforce emergence of Generation Z.

Those born in 1995 and later that have qualities that make them early adopters, more entrepreneurial, sociable, and global-minded. These individuals will be quite the competition because of their affinity to technology. Yet, these individuals will require direction.

And it’s not only Gen Z but Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers, too.

We’re all becoming tech-literate – leveling the playing field – but at the core is this need for someone to step forward and be a leader. One that gets things done. Indispensable.

Is that person you?