Project Managers: Here are 4 Tips to Pass a PMP Exam

A PMP (Project Management Professional) exam takes you a step closer into the corporate world of fast paced projects. Passing the exam is a great achievement and only a few can do it. You will need to be smart, innovative and be able to manage things naturally if you wish to find success in the corporate world dna pss Project management training course.

PMP exam prep

There are many organizations that are in need of managers who can work for the welfare of the company and not only lead projects but their entire teams valiantly. You can be that manager.

However, to do that, one must have a proper PMP certification to step into the big league of project management. It’s not easy by any means but if you are consistent, determined and a hard worker then you can pass the exam by following a few tips.

Without much ado, let’s find out more about how you can pass a PMP exam:

1. Manage Time Smartly

You will need to answer 200 multiple type questions in 4 hours. This means that you won’t have much time to think of the answers and have to mark the answers quickly.

A good time management strategy is to mark checkpoints. Make four checkpoints of an hour reach and ensure that you complete at least 45-50 question in an hour. This will break your time into 4 hours with a goal of 50 questions to answer.

Also, do not waste time if you do not know the answer to a question, move to the next as time is of huge importance when it comes to PMP exams.

2. Practice As Much As You Can

You can get plenty of preparing material to prepare for the exam such as Rita’s Books and PMP guidebooks. What you should do is allot at least 6-8 hours to practice for the exam with the material.

When you keep on practicing, you will also get to know how much time it takes for you to solve a question, what kind of questions you’re good at and which ones you shouldn’t waste time on. Practicing daily can help you improve your solving skills and also improve your speed to answer.

Taking PMP exam

3. Don’t Leave Any Question Empty

It would be a dumb move to leave any question empty because there’s no negative marking on wrong answers. If you do not know the answer to a question, just mark whatever you think is suitable and move to the next question. Who knows, luck might be on your side here.

4. Memorize Less And Conceptualize More

There’s no shortcut to pass a PMP exam because your concepts will be tested here. Candidates often memorize a lot of questions from mock papers and guides but they won’t do you any good because you need to be well aware of the concepts of project management and real life project managing scenarios to be able to score.


These tips can help you pass a PMP exam and open gates for new opportunities for you to advance in the business world. Good luck with your endeavor!