Top 6 Money Saving Mobile Apps

Top 6 Money Saving Mobile Apps

Combined there are more than 5 million apps available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. When you think of an app, you probably think of Facebook or Snapchat. Or maybe you like to have fun on your phone so you know all about CandyCrush and AngryBirds.

While some apps are designed for pure entertainment, there is a new breed of apps that have taken the world by storm. Enter personal finance apps. These apps are perfect if you’re looking for ways to save money online.

The best part? These apps make saving effortless! No matter if you’re saving up for a European vacation or if you want to boost your savings account, there are apps to help you achieve your financial goals.

Keep reading to learn about the top 6 money saving mobile apps.

1. Mint

Mint budgeting app

Mint has become the leader in personal savings apps. The app is like having a banker in your back pocket. You can use Mint to manage all of your financial activity. View of all of your accounts, including checking, savings, and retirement, all on the same screen.

The app records and categorizes all of your transactions. This allows you to create a budget while visually seeing your spending patterns. Mint even provides data such as your monthly cash flow and net worth.

2. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot mobile app
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The days of spending hours browsing and clipping coupons are long gone. With RetailMeNot, you have access to thousands of coupons in just a few clicks. The app offers coupons and deals for a wide variety of stores including:

  • Starbucks

  • Sephora

  • Target

  • Victoria’s Secret

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

With the app, you can “clip” the coupons you plan to use. Once you have a coupon, there’s no printing involved! All you need to do is show your coupon on your phone at the register.

The app also sends reminders about any coupons that are expiring soon.

Of course, RetailMeNot is not the only one in the online-coupon-clipping space; Sites like CouponsMonk and many other coupon sites offer online coupon codes. For a consumer, the more options, the better!

We’ve all seen the money that you can save using coupons. Embrace convenient savings and check out this app!

3. Qapital

Qapital mobile app

Have you set saving goals in the past, only to let them fall to the wayside? Saving is a tough task. Unless you’ve set up payroll allotments to send funds into your savings account, your money is available for the spending.

To finally meet your goals of saving money, download Qapital. This app allows you to set rules that automate your savings decisions. You can use Qapital to automatically:

  • Transfer a lump sum of money into your account

  • Transfer funds when you spend less than budgeted

  • Round up charges and move spare change to your savings account

Other awesome features of this app include quick transfers, flexible goal setting, and the ability to send checks. You can even request a Qapital debit card for in-person use!

4. Grocery IQ

GroceryIQ mobile app
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Ever spent hours in the grocery store because you didn’t have a shopping list? Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on groceries? If so, you’ll want to download Grocery IQ.

This app makes grocery shopping a breeze. With Grocery IQ you can create grocery lists by browsing the millions of items in the app database. You can also scan product barcodes to build your own listings.

To help save even more money, the app offers coupons and local deals.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick mobile app
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More than 6 million people use Shopkick to find deals and earn rewards. With this app you earn rewards just by visiting some of your favorite stores. If you’re a regular at Target, Best Buy, or even a local grocery store, this is the app for you.

The rewards-based app allows you to earn kickbucks which can be redeemed for rewards. Cash in your kickbucks for movie tickets, restaurant vouchers, gift cards, and even electronics.

6. Groupon

Groupon mobile app

Looking to plan a vacation without the extravagant cost? Want to save money at a local upscale restaurant? With the Groupon app, you’ll find all of this and more.

The app offers deals at 50-90% off. From massages to vacations to hotel stays, this app is dream come true for deal seekers. Groupon allows you to search by location or category. You can easily find local deals for food, entertainment, and more.

During the holiday season, Groupon will become your go-to app for gift buying without blowing your budget. You’re likely to find deals on the hottest gadgets and most popular toys.

Use the app to try new forms of entertainment or to travel to a location you never imagined!


Just like technology, apps continue to become more useful and convenient. With these 5 apps, you can better position yourself financially. No matter if you want to better understand your financial situation or if you’re looking to save money on everyday purchases, these apps are sure to help.

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