Top 5 Overlooked Strategies for Improving Productivity in Your Office

Since there are only so many hours in a day, making the most out of this time may seem like a difficult if not impossible challenge.

But since you can’t add more hours to the day, the only other option is to make better use out of the time that you already have.

If your employees have been struggling with becoming more productive at the office lately, there are some techniques and strategies that you can use to help them work smarter.

Productive employees in a meeting

Here are the top overlooked strategies for improving productivity in your office:

1. Do Your Employees Work Better Alone or Together?

Have you ever given any thought to the actual amount or type of space that each of your individual employees are working in? Some people naturally need isolation in order to focus better, while others need a more collaborative and engaging type of environment.

Talk to each of your employees about whether they work better alone or together with others. Your employees who work better alone should have their own separate office space, while your employees who work better together should be placed in a more open office environment with others.

2. Have An Office Aquarium

A freshwater office aquarium can actually do much to really brighten the look of your workplace, and can even give your employees something beautiful to look at while they’re taking breaks. Be sure that you choose fish species that are compatible with one another, and keep your aquarium properly maintained.

3. Find The Best Temperature For Your Office

Temperature can actually have a huge effect on how productive your employees are. It’s important to keep your office temperature consistent and at a level that your employees are comfortable with. Again, actually talk with your employees to find out which temperature works right for them.

Employee rewards

4. Reward Your Employees For Progress

This strategy is overlooked by far too many managers and business owners. The single best way to incentivize your employees to work harder is to reward them for their accomplishments, because then they will work knowing they are going to be rewarded.

Examples of rewards you can give your employees include a free coffee, gift card to somewhere they like, a free holiday, and so on. Be creative here.

5. Encourage Your Employees To Take Breaks

While this may sound counterproductive, taking regular breaks is actually one of the best things one can do to clear their mind after a session of work and recharge. A good rule to follow is to take one five to ten minute break for every hour of work. Shorter but more recent breaks throughout the day will help your employees maintain a consistent and good performance in their work.

Improving Productivity In Your Office

Even though productivity may seem immensely challenging, with your employees having to deal with a countless amount of daily distractions, as a business owner or manager there are ways that you can help your employees to work together more effectively and time efficiently. When your team begins working more productively, your business will flourish.