8 Tips for Creating an Excellent Work-and-Employee-Friendly Office Environment

Every company or workplace has its own environment depending on the nature and psychology of the owner, geographic and climatic conditions of that area and somewhat on the business the company is dealing in. So, there can never be the same sort of environment in all the offices, workshops, organizations, companies, etc. But, one thing is quite obvious and practically proven that the companies with a peaceful, employee-friendly and work-friendly environment are more productive with the least issues of any kind whatsoever.

How is that possible?

Well, that’s because their employees always remain happy and contented with their surrounding environment and tend to work wholeheartedly rather than being forced to work for their financial survival. Therefore, every company or workplace should do its level best to keep a harmonious and supportive environment to be progressive and productive.

Happy employees and vibrant office

Here, I am going to discuss a few essential steps which, if taken, will definitely create an ideal work-and-worker-friendly environment which will keep the employees motivated and dedicated to work even harder for their company.

1. Workload Must be Justified

Unjustified workload is one of the main reasons that employees leave their job or do it halfheartedly. Always be cautious about the workload of each employee and keep it justified.

If you want to assign some extra task or load to an employee, do give him a favor in his salary and promotion. But, if you have a long-term extra work in your office, kindly hire more employees so that the workload of each employee may remain justified. This strategy will keep the whole staff fresh, vigorous and dedicated to work hard.

2. Flexible work hours

Regularity and punctuality counts a lot towards the efficiency of an employee, but too much strictness or rigidity in this regard may, at times, spoil the whole game and the employee doesn’t feel himself at ease while doing his work. You may want to try something else, such as flexible work hours.

The idea of flexible work hours is keeping the work hours eight-hours long, but offer flexibility in the work start hours. The whole staff will feel quite convenient if you relax them in observing the work hours as per their choice. Facilitating this, they will become more active and efficient in their working because the pressure of office hours will not be there anymore.

3. Keep the Air Fresh and Naturally Lighted

You could make the most of windowless office rooms, but still, windows are important features of your office.  Indeed, fresh air and natural light through the doors or windows of your office keep the level of energy of your employees high, and they keep on working lively and contentedly. The more of them, the better.

Natural light and fresh air keep them in close contact with nature, and they never feel trapped or cut off from the outside world. They always remain fresh and relaxed and tend to do more and more work efficiently. Otherwise, artificial lighting and dull air make us feel tired and bored after a few hours, and we often start performing lower than our actual level.

Google employees working in a semi-formal setting
photo credit: Andrewarchy / Flickr

4. Provide Comfort

A comfortable, attractive, well-facilitating and well- equipped office provides an over-all pleasant workplace for the staff to put in their best and give the maximum output.

Ergonomic office furniture, latest equipment, fresh plants here and there, and a little bit of refreshment, off and on, will keep your employees boosted up all the time and they will gladly go for their best efforts to achieve your set goals. The employees will feel the care you have in your mind and heart for them, and the whole environment will become quite conducive to work.

5. Introduce Outside-the-Box Incentives

Everyone feels glad whenever he is offered unusual or unexpected benefits. It definitely proves to him that he as well as his well-being is quite important to the company.

Gestures like unlimited-days-off and pay-what-you-want pricing works impart the feelings and passions required to do something extraordinary for the company. Similarly, financial assistance towards the payment of school-fee of the employees’ children or the health-care expenses will go a long way towards keeping your staff quite contented and loyal to your business targets.

Outside-the-box benefits may seem quite expensive in the beginning, but they pay greatly in the long run. You may also take your employees to lunch or dinner once a week to enhance the mutual frankness and understanding.

6. Limit the Meetings

Too many meetings spoil the mood and passion of the employees because they often prove to be wastage of time. Most of the meetings are usually without any agenda or purpose but are only a reminder of previous tasks, etc. So, you must always try to limit your meetings which may prove productivity killer in the end.

You may control or limit useless meetings by communicating through E-mail, central notice board, voice messages, etc. The less the number of meetings, the more the employee is busy with his tasks uninterruptedly.

Google vs. Spotify in foosball
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7. Adjust A Few Fun Activities In Routine

If there come across occasional fun activities in routine, even going to work starts seeming pleasant to the employees. They become happy and relaxed instantly and keep doing even more diligently while looking forward to the next fun activity of some kind.

For instance, you may celebrate the birthdays of your office staff with a cake and soft drinks, or you may organize a small softball tournament amongst the employees. Rest or leisure rooms in your company may keep your staff quite refueled and ready for achieving your set targets.

8. Keep Open-door Policy and Collaborative Language

Never be a too-much-reserved or out-of-reach figure for your employees. You must always remain within their reach so that they may feel free to talk and consult with you whenever they need to. It will create a very decent environment when all the staff members discuss the various aspects of business projects confidently with their boss and work out the best strategies and solutions to their issues.

One more thing: Whenever you talk with your employees, never be too much authoritative but be collaborative so that they may feel that you are also a part of their team rather than their boss. Collaborative talk urges them to work sincerely and trustfully, and they give much more output as well.

So, there you go; these are some of the steps which, if taken, will do a lot towards creating a work-friendly office environment.