7 Ways To Make Your Office Look Vibrant

Office nowadays has become a second home for a lot of people who work a daily 9-5 job. The job requires you to sit in a place for long hours and do your work. Moreover spending time in a place that induces claustrophobia or contains bland walls can be daunting. The overall effect of prolonged hours in such a setting can lead to work stress and may even hamper an employee’s productivity.

Thankfully, a little creativity and thought can provide excellent solutions to this problem by making your workspace look like an inviting place to work in.

A vibrant and dynamic office

Keeping this note in mind here are 7 ways in which you can eliminate boredom and stress while inducing a fun environment by making your office look vibrant:

1. Include Plenty Of Windows

A bright, well-illuminated space will automatically lift up the mood of anyone who walks into it. Light induces happiness and positivity. Make sure that you give ample places in your office to allow natural light inside the work area. A bright, vibrant, and healthy office is way more mentally stimulating than a dark shady room and can actually reduce work stress.

2. Include Flexibility In Spaces

A lot of offices now include work to be done on laptops rather than desktops. This means that now you don’t have to keep fixed desks for each employee to sit upon. Include comfortable seating areas with moving tables, couches, standing desks with charging points etc. that will allow the employees to move around and work freely.

Wall art in office

3. Invest In Wall Art

A common problem with a lot of workplaces is that they feel blank and straightforward. Big white walls give further aggravation to this issue. A very prevalent and inexpensive solution to this problem is wall art or wall texture.

Fill your walls with intelligent designs, posters or paintings, give them a rich wall texture, or just paint them in bright colours to provide them with a cheerful appearance that influences positive and constructive thoughts.

4. Plant It Right!

Induce a vibe of freshness and energy by adding plant pots in your workplace. A study concluded that plants in offices increase happiness and productivity among employees. They can either be bigger plants for the common area or a small bonsai for the desk.

Plants also make the office look clearer, and a bit relaxed. Watering the plants can also be a recreational activity that will provide the required distraction from work.

Commercial cleaning service
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5. Don’t Forget To Clean

It goes without saying that cleaning your office, workspace or your desk is of immense importance. A clean place of work makes you feel calm and satisfied. It lets you organise your mind by allowing you to declutter unnecessary thoughts.

By having neat and tidy spaces, you’ll give yourself and your employees a space to breathe and feel relaxed, which is contributory to creativity. You can hire professional services, such as Simpo Cleaning, that provide for all your commercial cleaning needs.

6. Hang Up The Boards

Chalkboards or whiteboards are an essential to any office space. Make sure that you have a plenty of them installed wherever required. A chalkboard allows you to note down your ideas. It is just an excellent place to write the motivational quote of the day.

You must also install a small patch of bulletin boards so that your employees can pin up handy notes and prioritise work. A colourful information board can quirk up the look of the office and also provide a place to hang up general notices, thus giving utility as well.

Colorful post it notes

7. Accessorize The Look!

Just like you wear accessories to define your look further, you must add fun accessories to your office to define its look and bring out that element of fun. Adding bright coloured stationery such as fluorescent pencils, a purple stapler, zebra cover notepads or an antique themed wall clock or just some colourful rugs of different sizes placed here and there provides utility but can also bring out the fun element while cheering up anyone who uses these things.


Following these tips will surely enable you to create a workspace that looks fun, vibrant and inviting at the same time. An employee’s productivity and efficiency increase if they like the place where they spend their most of the day.

A happy workplace with happy employees will also ensure a happy you.