Email Hosting: What it Is, Why It Matters, And How to Find the Best Providers

When you own or operate a business, it’s not uncommon to spend a great deal of time choosing the right company to host your website. You read their reviews, check out all of the features they offer, inquire about their support services, and ask them about things like how often they backup your data and whether they offer any sort of uptime guarantee.

But did you know that there’s also something called email hosting? If you’ve never heard of this before, then it’s time that you learn what it is. This also involves understanding why your email address is so important, as well as how to find the best email hosting providers.

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What is Email Hosting?

UK email hosting provider LCN explains that email hosting “allows you to send and receive email from your own professional-looking custom domain, using a dedicated email hosting service.” Simply put, it’s a company which provides businesses customized email addresses that contain their URL names.

For instance, if your name is John and you own the gym which has a domain of, an email host can provide you with an email address like [email protected]. And if your gym is larger in size, meaning that multiple people are responsible for different functions, you may need several business email addresses, like [email protected] or [email protected].

Why Your Email Address Matters

At this point, you may be wondering why your email address matters enough to secure an email host. To answer this question, think back to some of the emails you’ve received from the companies you do business with. Also think about how you may have felt when you saw the sender’s email address.

As an example, if you were to receive an email from [email protected], that has an entirely different feel than [email protected], right? The first one is much more professional and makes you view the person sending it as someone who respects themselves and their business. The second makes you wonder who you’re entrusting with your money and whether you should find another bank.

In fact, email addresses are so important that many career blogs are addressing this very issue. reCareered is one, sharing with job prospects a few email creation tips, such as that emails should never reference drugs, sex, hobbies, mascots, sports, or birth or graduation years. Maybe some of these are currently in yours?

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Where to Find the Best Email Hosting Providers

If you’re convinced that email hosting can help you boost your professional image, the next step is to find an email host provider. There are many different options out there, so you need to look at each one carefully before making any decisions.

At a minimum, the email platform should be accessible and monitored for performance 24 hours a day. You also want to select a company that enables you to access your customized email from your laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

A high quality email host also filters your spam so you aren’t bothered by correspondence that could potentially contain a virus or spyware. It’s easy to use, is password protected, and lets you store all of your contacts.

One question that is often asked is whether you need a domain name in order to use email hosting. LCN indicates that you do, but companies such as theirs can help you obtain that domain name if you don’t already have one. And if you do have one but want to transfer it to their platform, they can often assist with that too.


When you have a professional email address, it makes it easier for customers to say yes to doing business with you. One way to get this type of email is by using an email hosting service, and now you know what to look for when you do.