First Time Managers: Here are 10 Tips to Make an Impact since Day One (Infographic)

So, you’ve been promoted. Well, congratulations!

While you’re still basking in glory and reminiscing about how hard you work to get to where you are right now, be aware that getting promoted means there will be more required of you.

First-time manager

The perks that come with your new job role is nice. But remember, with great power comes great responsibilities (quote courtesy of Uncle Ben.)

Being a manager is considered a success in your career progression path.  Unfortunately, as Bill Gates put it nicely, success is a lousy teacher. It makes you complacent. So, as you read this article, do remind yourself not to procrastinate.

Real managerial work begins. Let’s get started!

What you need to do as a first-time manager

Just like any first-time experience in life, you’ll experience growing pains. You’ll make mistakes, and the impact of those are multiplied as you climb the corporate ladder.

As a manager, not only you’ll be responsible to those above you, but you’ll also be responsible to your team members. Your job is to lead them to green pasture. It’s not easy, but very much doable, considering your expertise.

Basically, what you need to do since day one can be condensed as the following: Learn from others, build a relationship, and manage your team well. That’s all.

Learn from others

As a first-time manager, your leadership skills matter more than ever. These should be your priority when developing yourself professionally. Be ready to learn from others, specifically from your team members.

Improve yourself continuously. As I remind you above, don’t get complacent. Kaizen is a lifelong journey, even after you eventually retired.

Build a relationship

Mingling with your team members in the company cafeteria works, but beyond that, you need to lead by example. In the way you carry yourself. In the way you converse with others. In the way you work. All aspects of your life that you choose to show to your team members, actually.

To do all of those effectively, you need to talk and build a genuine relationship with your team members. Believe it or not, this matter more to your employees than you might think.

Manage your team well

Not only leading by example, but you also need to demonstrate your ability to engage your employees – on a daily basis. Regularly communicate with your team members. Discuss ideas, address problems, give feedback and empower your team members so that they can be a top performer – just like who you are!

And, oh, don’t forget to reward your team members’ effort. It can go a long, long way.

Above all those, you need to live up to the expectation. You’re the manager for a reason, and that reason may very well be your ability to orchestrate your team to align with your company’s vision and mission, as well as get the whole team to achieve targets and milestones.

Do the above constantly, and you’ll soon see that you grow into a seasoned manager, and – who knows – the management sees you as a future director material. Fingers crossed!


There’s a long to-do list to get yourself started on the right foot. But no worries, as a first-time manager, you do have a certain ‘grace period’ to get everything right.

Waste time no more – get to work!

To recap everything I’ve mentioned above, this infographic published by Acuity Training serves as an excellent beginner’s guide.

First-time managers tips - infographic by Acuity Training