Must-Watch Movies and Shows for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you’re beginning your journey as a small business owner, it can be a struggle to find people who have a similar experience. That’s because it is a brave undertaking, and, if truth be told, a risky one. Many of your peers might be more comfortable sticking with their nine-to-five experience rather than striking out on their own.

For that reason, it’s not a bad idea for those who want to open up a small business to check out some pop culture glorification of their experiences. Whether it’s a relevant reality show, a scripted television series, or a movie that’s particularly on point, these entities might be the best way for those who are either in the midst of starting up a business or at least thinking about it to understand the ups and downs of the process.

The Social Network
photo credit: YouTube

Make sure you know where to find movies when it comes time to binge on something with content relevant to your small business experience; streaming sites like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and 123movies offers plenty of choices, accessible to you anytime you want.

Here are three examples of pop culture that you might find enlightening if you’re a budding entrepreneur.

The Social Network

The 2010 movie directed by David Fincher is known for its unflinching portrayal of the origins of Facebook. While it shows the brilliance and ingenuity that was displayed by the site’s creators, it’s also an excellent example of the cutthroat nature of the enterprise. It’s also a good depiction of how it can be tricky to mix business with friendship.

There are ethical and moral issues that crop up throughout the movie that you might not have considered. In the end, the movie shows that there is a price to be paid for sacrificing everything for business success.

The Shark Tank

Shark Tank cast

This show that is broadcast on the ABC television network in the United States does a wonderful job of showing the process of how a person with a business idea sometimes needs to find investors to make their dreams a reality. It’s a reality show, and it has credibility because of the way that many of the people who have appeared on the show have seen their ideas become successful.

Perhaps just as important though is that it demonstrates that not all ideas are destined to be huge successes. In either case, this reality it is a great primer for the budding businessperson.


Parenthood (NBC)
photo credit: NPR

This long-running show on the NBC network in America has known for the soap opera-style predicaments and crises suffered by an extended family.

One of the more entertaining and intriguing subplots came when two brothers decided to forsake steady jobs and strike out on their own by opening up a recording studio. The show dramatizes their triumphs but also details the many bumps the pair suffered along the road. Ultimately their dreams aren’t quite realized, but they are grateful for the experience that they enjoyed while the studio was in operation.

Want more shows and movies?

Of course, there are plenty other movies and shows that can cater your interest in entrepreneurship. Here are the recommended resources:


These are just some of the pop culture depictions of small businesses and entrepreneurs that can be found. Check them out and vicariously enjoy the thrill of the experience before you actually jump in the deep end of entrepreneurship yourself.