The Importance of Metal Stamping and Metal Fabricated Parts

We are living in time where technology is basically leading our lives. For example, just a few years ago, who would have thought that we can see our loved ones living thousands of kilometers away on our screen? Well, there are many latest innovations that prove we need technology to create things that can be used in our daily life.

In this regard, metal stamping parts have played a crucial role. This industry has been providing the most important results from a small to the most well established industrial segments. The precision metal stamping process is critical in providing required parts and accessories to various industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics & electrical, and so on. Here are some of the important aspects that highlight importance of this critical operation.

Metal fabrication

Metal stamping and metal fabricated parts in all industries

As you take a look at several industries, most of the structures are using metal stamping and metal fabricated products. In most of the industries, there is no room for compromise in these areas. All the products and component rely heavily on efficient metal stamping. For example, if we take a look at the aerospace industry, it is only precision metal stamping that is required for efficiency of operation and safety of passengers on flight.

Almost all industries rely on this function and so it is considered to be the most crucial. Precision metal stamping industry carefully considers the client requirements and then takes it from inception to implementation stage. Industries rely heavily on metal stamping and fabrication parts because most of their projects can only move ahead with these parts in place.

Importance in medical industry

Medical industry has progressed a lot to a great extent these days, and this has also resulted in increased life expectancy. The surgeries that seemed impossible just a few years ago are now a regular feature. What has made it possible? The precision metal stamping industry is backing up the progress of this industry.

The suppliers are able to deliver high precision metal stamping parts that are required in various areas. Medical parts need a thickness from 0.02’ to .135’, and now this is easily possible with the precision metal stamping. The massive progressive in this field ensures that there are always some better surgical tools required in treating patients better.

Importance in automotive industry

Automotive industry has scaled new heights in terms of introducing the most efficient, fast, and sturdy vehicles with latest technology.

The automotive industry relies heavily on metal stamping industry for some of its most important parts. Important components such as airbags structure, brakes, and body are imperative when it comes to the safety of a vehicle. Apart from providing the best looking body, precision metal stamping also provides fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, and other such parts that regulate a vehicle and keep it on the move.

Without metal in a vehicle, there is no chance that it will be a safe and efficient drive, and so this metal stamping is what helps to get best results for automotive industry as well.

Importance in aerospace industry

Success rate in flight is the most important thing and there is no room for error at all. Even slightest of errors have a potential to cause the most devastating accidents. Precise gauges, equipments, and metal fabricated parts are needed to ensure safety of a flight. For every part of what goes into the aerospace industry, precision metal stamping is used to provide efficient results.

There are only few suppliers in precision metal stamping industry that take up this huge risk and handle these projects, and they need to be meticulous in providing 100% efficiency in all components.

Importance in defense industry

A country is as good as its defense system. The ammunition, precise equipments, transportation, to even the minutest of components, there should be no weak link. This is where precision metal stamping comes into play for providing the most efficient combat equipments, helicopter gauges, assemblies, and many other products. Military relies heavily on this aspect, and so there is just no room for error here. Industries providing for this domain need to be reliable and trustworthy for handling such a complicated project.

Metal stamping

Need of the hour

Precision metal stampings provide resolution in almost every other industry. The importance of precise parts and equipments can never be over emphasized considering the several new products being launched each day. It is no doubt then that the precision metal stamping industry is what makes other industries successful as well.

If there were no precision parts, the efficiency and durability of these products would have been compromised. It is indeed, a great boon to our advanced world where technology is what makes our lives simple.

Eigen a leader in metal stamping parts

Eigen has been in this industry from over 20 years now. The amount of experience in this vast field, global clientele, range of industries, and projects being executed by Eigen is praiseworthy. At Eigen, there is a possibility to work with a wide range of materials such as Bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, brass, mylar, EG (Electro galvanized steel, beryllium, Teflon, and so on.

Wide range of industries prefer to partner with Eigen because of immense experience and a dedicated team of professionals working here who are always aiming at providing the most efficient results to the clients. With the capacity of producing over 500 million components per annum, Eigen has truly lead the market when it comes to precision stamping.