How to Make Sure Your Business Looks (and Smells) Amazing!

Small businesses are slaves to their finances, far more than corporations or chains. Their products have to strike the balance between cost effectiveness and superior quality, all while paying for their basic overheads like electricity and staff wages.

No wonder so many SMEs fail in their first few years.

So, here’s a question – if most of your funds are being funnelled into your product, how much of your hard-earned dough should you part with for the design of your retail premises?

Record shop owner

If you’re in a customer facing environment, then we recommend that you make a serious investment into the way your shop looks.

To ensure you’re choosing the finest (and most cost effective) products, why not check out these top tips? They’ll help your business look great and save you some cash.

Consider your entrance

Some think that a person’s shoes say all you ever need to know about them. Are they wearing scruffy Cons or pristine brogues? Sporty Nikes or gothic Doc Martens? From this small judgement, you can assume a lot about them.

Nike store entrance

The same could be said about a shop front. If the entrance and window display looks tattier than a ragged cloth under your kitchen sink, who’ll possibly want to enter?

People make value judgements about a shop quickly – so try to ensure you make an excellent first impression.

Start with decent dirt trapper mats from a specialist provider so your customers wipe their feet properly. Then move onto a warm, welcoming lick of paint for your entrance door.

Finish up the process with a window display which showcases your latest products. Remember – a great window display is all about the shock of novelty, so don’t be frightened to boast of great deals and brand new goods in stock.

A simple picture

Smaller businesses are always looking to cut corners. And you could do exactly that by adding the personal touch to your décor.

Family-run restaurant

If yours is a family run business, a few simple photographs of your loved ones will add personality to your workplace without costing you a fortune.

It’s a simple touch – but one that could mark you out from the competition.

Scent marketing

Few business owners appreciate the importance of smell in their premises.

Food truck noodle dish

More’s the pity – besides the eyes, the olfactory sensations presented by a business premises can be just as important as its aesthetic.

Smell-O-Vision for your shop might seem like a step too far, but an appealing scent can evoke brilliant ideas about your products. So don’t be afraid to give this unique form of marketing a try.

How have you improved the sight, smell or sound of your premises? Let us know in the comments below.