Should You Be Using PGP BlackBerry Encryption?

Depending on your industry, you may have heard of PGP BlackBerry encryption and you’re wondering if you should use it yourself. But you may not be sure what kind of people use it or why. In this article, we’ll share a concise guide to the powerful encryption. Read on.

PGP encryption in Blackberry
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PGP BlackBerry encryption is one of the most secure ways to communicate with a smartphone. In a world of increasing insecurity in cyber space, where emails, text messages, and app-based communication are at risk of being intercepted and monitored, it pays to use a completely secure method of communication.

PGP encryption is uncrackable – it would take millions of years for a computer to crack encryption. However, it can be bypassed, using malware like keystroke loggers. That’s why you find PGP BlackBerry encryption companies, such as Myntex, which use PGP encryption technology on BlackBerry devices to close down avenues around encryption. Encrypted BlackBerry devices that only communicate with other encrypted BlackBerry devices by email can’t be bypassed.

1. Regulated Industries

If you work in an industry in which you have access to sensitive, confidential information belonging to your clients, you may want to consider PGP BlackBerry encryption. In particular, professionals in financial and medical industries who have to share sensitive client information with colleagues or superiors will find that PGP BlackBerry encryption is one of the safest and most convenient ways to stay in compliance with privacy regulations. It’s not safe to send sensitive client data by email and you could run afoul of regulatory bodies.

2. Journalists

Journalists should almost all be using encrypted email, especially those covering politics. When politicians or bureaucrats want to expose wrongdoing in the highest levels of government, their only option is to leak documents to journalists. In order to escape the prying eyes of national intelligence agencies and police, who can prosecute or punish the people who want to make those wrongdoings public, those documents should be leaked using PGP BlackBerry encryption.

Responsible journalists use PGP BlackBerry encryption and make their public keys available to anyone who may have sensitive information that the public should know.


3. Business People

Anyone who does business internationally may be a target for state-sponsored corporate espionage. Several states have been linked to corporate hacking, including China, Russia, and North Korea. Anyone sending emails that include company financial data, intellectual property, or strategic plans should be communicating using PGP BlackBerry encryption.

While PGP encryption is an open technology, setting it up yourself leaves a lot of room for error. Not only is it an in-depth process that can take hours, you also leave yourself open to malware unless it’s on a device restricted to encrypted email.

If you want to know how to get an encrypted BlackBerry without the hassle, just contact a PGP BlackBerry encryption company to find a local reseller. Look for companies that are open about their business, provide real customer support, and own their own data centers to restrict access to it. For local PGP encryption resellers across the globe, one place to look is Myntex, which can connect you with any of its resellers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.


PGP BlackBerry encryption is a great cybersecurity solution for professionals in industries where client privacy is paramount, including journalists, government professionals, and business people. Full-service PGP BlackBerry encryption for individual or business use is easy to use and totally secure.