Best Everyday Apps for Your Mac to Improve Your Business Lifestyle

Best Everyday Apps for Your Mac to Improve Your Business Lifestyle

When it comes to desktop apps, consumers sometimes fail to realize how many lifestyle options are currently available in the Apple Store. This is because many people think of desktop applications in a much more business-minded manner: they might be looking for the best CRM for Mac or highest-rated customer service portal for businesses, but rarely do they consider the possibilities of apps built to help them with their own worlds. But the truth is, many Mac applications are built to aid Mac users beyond the workday and outside the workplace.

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These business-slash-lifestyle apps aim to make it easier for people to manage their personal everyday lives in a much more streamlined manner. Whether you want to be able to do more with your music, talk to friends and colleagues easier, or keep your files and desktop folders clean and organized, these applications allow you to do it all.

Tangerine (Create Playlists)

Tangerine for Mac
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Music lovers can rejoice with the Tangerine application for Mac, which aims to make playlist creation a much easier and more intuitive experience. This app creates playlists by deciding which songs will work best together based on their melodies and tempos. Users can set rules to exclude certain types of files, as well as set parameters for the type of playlist they what to create.

For example, if you wanted to create a workout playlist, you would select the type of upbeat tempo you’re looking for, and Tangerine would scan your music files to select all songs that match your criteria. This app works well even if you have hundreds or thousands of songs, as the app takes just two seconds on average to scan each song file.

Delicious Library 3 (Catalog Your Media)

Delicious Library 3
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Delicious Library is an elaborate media cataloging app that allows you to keep track of every piece of media that you own. From music to books to DVDs, there’s nothing you can’t put into your online library. The visuals have received a major boost compared to its predecessor. Just as with a traditional library, the interface appears to be a bookshelf, equipped with natural lighting and the ability to hover over your objects for quick preview of its cover art.

Users can scan their media using an iPhone, which syncs directly to the media library (they can still also scan objects through manual input for objects that don’t have physical representations, like Kindle books and iTunes purchases).

Delicious Library also has a panel that provides a high-level overview of all the types of media in your collection. For example, the pie chart might show you that you have 60% books in your overall collection, and will even total the price tags of all your objects across various categories. The application also makes it easy for you to organize different shelves and lending libraries, and provides recommendations based on what you’ve added.


Adium screenshot
photo credit: Adium

When it comes to communication, Adium is one of the best on the Mac market. It allows users to manage chat communication across a variety of platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, WhatsApp, and even Slack. Third-party integrations and various customization options make it simple to keep all your modern communication under one roof and adhere the app to your personal style and preferences.

OmniFocus (Premier Task Management)

OmniFocus screenshot
photo credit: iTunes

The OmniFocus is a task management application with many features that help streamline day-to-day tasks. It has a simple and smooth user interface that makes it a pleasure to use. View your work through a series of different “perspectives”, stay on top of projects and goals, and view work forecasts at a variety of levels. Cool features like Siri integration and the ability to drag and drop tasks from iMessage directly to the interface make it a highly flexible and multifaceted management system. The platform comes in both a free and paid versions, with a two-week trial available for the paid version.


Hazel app screenshot
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Like other productivity apps for Mac, Hazel aims to clean up your lifestyle — literally. This folder monitoring application allows you to create rules for your computer and organizes your files based on those rules. This creates a paperless workflow and makes it much more simple to manage your situation. There are endless options for rules you can make with Hazel: among them is the ability to set up automatic cleanups and pivot attention towards unopened or new files.

Now over to you: What’s your favorite app from the list above? Or, do you have any recommended apps for business people that aren’t mentioned above? Please share them with us.

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