The Top Five Award-Winning Devices and Software of 2017

Let’s admit, the era we are living in is completely at the mercy of Technology, Technology and Technology, more than ever! Well, from waking up in the dawn to closing our eyes on the bed in the dark; what we were constantly utilizing is technology.

Usually, it is regarded as something negative in the head that we have become tech-slaves; well I don’t think that’s true because no matter what; technology is serving not just humankind but also the overall species around the globe. Tech helps you solve problems; and it’s easy to procure. For example, if you have any problems with slow speed internet then just find amazon’s bestselling routers on

Hence, if you feel yourself addicted to technology – You living a life that’s latest, trendy and as per the need of time. This article is dedicated to all those tackle-devotees; here I am going to tell you top ranked devices and software by Google, based on viewers’ choice awards.

Lenovo Yoga 920
photo credit: YouTube

Well, first of all, make your mind with the fact that whatever is on top is just because of it worth to be at the edge. These devices and software are making your life easier to live and happier to spend. So, let’s dive into top-notch Reviews of techies that are going to serve you forever.

Here is the list of top five electronic devices and software that got highest sales on the internet:

1. Lenovo Yoga 920

Laptops are life; they are your work as well as leisure companions. It is your mini office that you take anywhere with you, without getting worried about how big your documents are.

Although tablets and smartphones have made some differences in the sales of Lapis and PCs; but still being ranked as a best-selling device, is the speaking proof of love for this device around the world. Cell Phones are handy but lapis are more convenient, and when it comes to making a purchase, it gets tougher to decide as there are so many choices available now.

When you get yourself in such fix, try to figure out the superiority of a device based on its features and handiness. So, without beating around the bush; let me tell you that Lenovo Yoga 920 is going to be the choice of the season. Apart from being ranked as best device let’s check its features, i.e., making the prime choice of the time.

  • Eight-Generation Intel Core i7 processor: which means you speed of your device is going to be greater than the breeze.
  • Robust features: making it the most-reliable device.
  • Comfy Key/Touchpad: working, for long hours, on it would be enticing.
  • Solid Battery Life: the device will work for more hours than you imagine.
  • Price is also handy and affordable even for students: $1,329 only!

You can purchase this device from online websites as well as from official Lenovo stores.

2. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

When you are living in the era of techs and devices; your enemies are going to be techy too. Yes, I am talking about viruses that are not just damaging for your devices but even can make you lose your precious data forever. Either it relates to nostalgic memories or business personals; data is something that you need to keep secure.

So, in such problematic events, Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus is your alley. This software is ranked as the top second selling device by Google. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Light-weight: that means it’s going to take lesser MBs on the hard disk of your computer and will help you like an invisible-spirit. Along with this, it will take much lower time in installing.
  • Blocks Malware and Malicious URLs: Tested by the Labs.
  • Online and offline protection: Protects your device from inside and outside foes.
  • Shield against Phishing: protection from identity theft.Cheaper Rates: as low as $18.99/- only.

Make sure you purchase this app from the legitimate source, i.e., Webroot UK website. Don’t try to get it from any third party app supplier.

3. Card Thief (Android)

The Card Thief Game files the third spot on Android. Well, this game is not just addictive but gives you a real experience of being in a virtual world and knocking-down your opponents invisibly. The theme of the game is enticing yet adventures.

Let’s make fun of being a real geek by making gigs of cards and then stealing it like a villain. Here are some pros helping this game to be the third most searched item on the internet and most downloaded gaming app:

  • Strategic Layout: you will have to make strategies with your alleys to nail down the opponent.
  • Unique Challenges: Different than any card game made in the history.
  • Daily updates: with Daily updates more and more stages are being added every day.
  • Eye-popping display: gives you the real experience of undercover gigs.
  • Price: Free of cost with no ads at all.

The game is charging nothing and giving you everything you need and require to get the real gaming experience. You can download it from Google Play store of your android device.

4. Canon Pixma TS9120 Wireless Inkjet

The wireless Pixma inkjet covers the fourth Rank by canon. It not just allows you to take prints wirelessly but gives you higher quality images in no time and with minimum possible cost. Its handy, compact and offers you print by using six ink technology.

That means your photos are going to look just like reals because all basic hues are injected into it for taking physical impressions on the page. Those who love photography is ordering the device. Here are features of the device making it exclusive:

  • Two additional Cartridges: More Lively Photos.
  • Dual input trays: duplex printing at one time.
  • Tech-Supportive: Built-in support for Bluetooth, external card, and Ethernet.
  • Speediness: Fastest printing Ever.
  • Price: Dollar 1,499 only.

Get this device from Amazon, eBay or any physical store.

5. Fujifilm Fujinon XF 16mm F1.4 R WR

Last but not the least, the fifth most loved device of 2017 is Fujinon XF by Fujifilm. Right now it is the most updated and best lens available for your camera, on the globe. It’s sleek and stylish with lightweight design making it easier to hold even for more extended timings.

Takes photos within seconds and works with any camera that you have got. Some strong points of this machine are;

  • Design: Upbeat and inclusive with the strident design.
  • No Distortion: takes photos within Seconds.
  • Mental Focus Clutch: focuses on the very point you want to capture just.
  • Dirt-Resistant: Take it with you in sandy, hilly or grimy places and take clearer photos.
  • Your Cameraperson: auto-focus technology is making it easier to take purest images.
  • Price: dollar 999; a little bulky price.

Get this product from original Fuji stores available virtually as well as physically.

Well, this was all about top five techy products ruling the globe I hope you found this article enticing to read ha handy to take aid while purchasing something new for yourself.