Why Do You Need an SMS API Provider for Your SMS Marketing Campaign

In today’s world, when it’s all about technology and programming, the API is one of the most important parts of the world. It’s important to know what API is, so we know what it is and how it can be useful to us.

The API (short for Application Programming Interface) is a short link that allows the programme to communicate with the application. One of the application of API is SMS API. SMS API providers like Intistele.com offers you a software to send SMS with API.

But first things first – why should we use API?


Why API?

Applications are everywhere around us and in every device, we own and close to us. Today, without apps, we simply can’t do anything.

Applications greatly facilitate life and simplify it. Programmers are doing the right thing and in the “communication” they have to follow the API because each application has its own API.

Who Needs an API

All business people need an API who develop their business in the world of technology. If you’re using any of many apps, and you’re sure to use at least one in your life, then there’s an API behind it without which no one can access the settings of that app or make any changes. When we look at this, in today’s technology-driven industry, almost every company has to use, know or otherwise use the API even if its employees are not aware of it.

Sending SMS with API: What Can You Expect

Let’s use INTIS TELECOM’s SMS API solutions as an example. The company provides SMS gateway API and SaaS solutions for global text messaging. Such products can be crucial solutions for a successful marketing of your business. The API turns your emails into SMS messages – and vice versa – that you can then automatically send to your clients easily.

Woman reading SMS

You are wondering why to use SMS messages in the time of email. Is that not old fashioned? Old fashion is a new fashion now. Emails can easily get stuck, go to the spam folder, be overwritten, or people can drop them into trash if they notice it’s a commercial mail.

SMS API enters as the the solution to get your ads to reach your customers and potential customers. As mentioned above, it basically enables you to send SMS from email and vice versa. This is very useful for keeping your customers informed about your latest special offers and promos.  But that’s not the only upside the API gateway has. What are the other things you can do with the SMS API gateway software?

  • You can send individual text messages to someone in particular – i.e. customers in certain geographical location.
  • Send SMS internationally.
  • Send longer messages which may contain multimedia content.
  • Arrange your SMS gateway list according to your needs.
  • Postpone/schedule your SMS messages.
  • Check reports – e.g., your balance, delivery status, etc.

As you can see, the potential application of the gateway is limitless.


Personalization is very important in today’s competitive market. It makes the difference, especially in term of branding and conversion rate.  An SMS API gateway can offer you just that.