Amazing Gadgets to Gift Your Business Partner this New Year

Are you looking for some amazing gadget collections to gift your gizmo freak business partner? Then you are just at the right place.

We’ve entered 2018 afresh, and New Year’s Eve party is a thing in the past, but we do still feel a bit festive.  Gifting is still relevant – indeed, gifts are all that can complete your surprise and gadgets will play the best role as the gifts of choice.

So, if you want to see the glowing smile on the face of your business partner, then choose some unique gadgets to gift. To be your ‘partner in crime’, here is a list of amazing gadgets to choose from.

Heart Pendant Pendrive

Heart pendant pendrive
photo credit: Valeria Valdivia / Pinterest

This is an awesome looking heart shaped pendant made from stainless steel with embedded crystals. This 8-GB pendant pendrive is sand water and sweat resistant and thus is a must for jewellery collection. This gorgeously wonderful gadget works with Mac, PC, and Linux. This is undoubtedly an amazing gadget to gift your tech-savvy business partner.


This is an excellent music system with standard sound quality. This funky music system comes with ajaw-dropping outlook that features built-in 4GB memory along with a 1.0” LCD displays. It is a Bluetooth DIY programmable dancing robot with the elegance of white colour. Both the speakers have a Piano lacquer housing case and come in two colours white and black. The speaker comes with a frequency range of 20Hz o 20KHz. The power of the speaker is 1.5Wx2. Gift this awesome gadget to your business partner.

Lantern Power Bank

ETEKCITY lantern power bank
photo credit: Wild Willy / YouTube

This is a camping lantern and 7800 mAh compact power bank in one. The camping light can be used both as a camping light and as a flashlight. This gadget provides 2 watt LED bulbs that offers more than 90 hours consistence lighting. There are four small LED alerts that knock you about the remaining potentiality of the power bank.


If you are thinking that is a normal purse then you are wrong. Everpurse is something more than a purse. Though it looks like a sleek, large wallet that serves the regular purpose of a purse but offers the unique feature of a wireless smartphone charger. This gadget is specially designed for keeping women connected to technology and fashion both. To take the benefit of this smart gadget all you need to put your smartphone in a dock like pocket inside the purse and let your smartphone be charged automatically.

TGS Selfie Monopod

Selfie monopod

Is your business partner a selfie lover? Then this is the right gift for her. TGS Selfie Monopod allows you to take several selfies from various angles. The gadget has a thumb screw of monopod lock and an adjustable ball head that allow you to shoot in multiple angles with the180-degree position. It is basically a metal mobile accessory with an extension from 235 to 1005 mm.

Silver 8GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

8GB USB cufflinks
photo credit: KickVick / Pinterest

Allow technology to embellish the standard of your biz partner with this quality pair of cufflinks that possess a 8GB USB flash drive. This is a feature functional gadget serves with style.

What’s your top pick?

These are some of the recent gadgets that are capable to satisfy the tech-savvy people with the amazing look and services. These gadgets can be a great idea to surprise your special biz partner.  You can always go casual with some excellent gifts for home and décor at, say, Urban Ladder, but being a bit different doesn’t hurt at all.