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5 Reasons Mobile Charging Station is a Good Idea for Trade Shows

Trade shows can be challenging to get and maintain people’s attention to create a long-lasting impression. It does not matter how attention-grabbing your trade show booth is; you’re still in competition with many others. Maybe you have dedicated a lot of money to marketing to sponsor a trade show – you must not let it go to waste! Since you only need to implement an excellent booth idea which will draw prospective clients to you, keep them for a long time to have that first conversation, and ensure a lasting impression.

Based on a large number of attendees at trade shows and the increasing dependence on the use of mobile devices, it’s ideal to set up a trade show with a cell phone charging stations and this are more widely available. At some of the major digital trade shows where the whole conference is live on Facebook or Twitter, many attendees still struggle to search for a place where they can recharge their mobile devices.

The best way you can do to serve your attendees is by offering cell phone charging stations. For an added security, you may want to consider Cell Phone Charging Lockers, so that you can be sure that your attendees’ mobile devices aren’t got stolen.

Mobile charging locker

So, mobile charging stations seem like a good idea; but what are the real benefits of those? The following are the reasons mobile charging station is a good idea for trade shows:

1. Lock in Brand Partnerships

Lock in more recurring sponsorships and partnerships by winning over your clients and advertisers with great outcomes using mobile phone charging stations. Those are multi-functional and yield better engagement results and provide outstanding benefits; this will increases your chance for a long-lasting partnership.

One of the newer features to use in getting people to stop and spend a sometimes chatting is to provide them a free charging station for their tablets and phones. It’s also beneficial for your staff at the show.

2. Use the Charging Station as Magnet for Attracting Guest

Are you searching for a comprehensive offering that you can make use to get guest attention? Many mobile devices batteries are likely to drain at trade shows because of long days of use. Providing booth where everyone can charge for their tablet and cell phones for free is an ideal way to attract attendees to your trade shows.

Attracting guest to your trade show booth is an important objective at any trade show. Some trade shows organizer tried using clowns, booth babes, and costly giveaways such as beer, candy, food and much more – typically, anything to entice attention and get people to spend time in your booth. It helps if the people spending the time to become qualified prospects and turning them into your customers is the next step.

3. Provide exceptional Space for Sponsors

Mobile phone charging booth is one of the most popular and innovative ways for sponsoring and advertising company brands. Trade shows attendees can wait for a long time until their phone is fully charged, this will help them to spend more time at your shows and you can use the chance to engage them.

Mobile charging station at a trade show

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4. Attendees Will Be Able To Promote Your Show

If an event is not posted on social media, it likely it does not occur. It’s not possible to post on social media with a dead or low cell phone battery. Keep your attendees pleased and charged up—and boost your event by providing sufficient cell phone charging stations.

5. Brand Activation

A mobile charging station can be a great brand activator. You can custom-design your charging stations with your brand identity.


Tablets and cell phones are becoming ubiquitous and indispensable, in our daily lives. They’re needed for any traveling commercial people, to keep in touch with their customers, office, and family. The problem with it is that, out of the familiar surroundings or out of the office, makes it hard to find a way to charge your tablet or phone – so also when you’re on the road, you’re using them more than usual. Charging tablets and phones on the road can be difficult; therefore finding a suitable charging station while people are wandering the aisles at a crowded trade show can be a pleasant surprise.

Irrespective of your industry or budget, offering trade shows attendees a cell phone charging station is an exceptional trade show idea guaranteed to make a lasting impression and increase brand awareness.

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