How Digital Compliance Archiving Can Help Your Business

How Digital Compliance Archiving Can Help Your Business

In today’s business world, compliance regulations, e-discovery and a host of other legal issues impinge upon how businesses must archive their records in order to respond in a timely, cost-effective manner when a lawsuit or IRS audit suddenly occurs.

Companies like Erado Inc. are taking the lead in enabling affordable, highly efficient digital compliance archiving and in a variety of related services. But you may still be asking, “How will this kind of software actually help my business save time, money, and avoid legal problems?” Keep reading to learn four very good answers to that very important question,

Digital compliance archiving

1. E-discovery Is Greatly Simplified

Software that can use an automated, cost-efficient approach to e-discovery, from data collection and organization to fast recall of the relevant data, is to say the least, invaluable.

Software by companies like Erado makes it easy to search vast stashes of ESI (electronically stored information) from across a wide range of sources to enable your legal team to fully prepare for upcoming litigation. Searches literally take only seconds, and you can dig deep into data analytics and visualize the results, if desired.

This takes a load off of the backs of your IT department and makes it far easier to keep yourself constantly compliant and ever ready to respond to any legal challenge.

2. A Robust Email Archiving Solution

Storing and retrieving emails has become one of the key areas of compliance archiving, and so we here give it special mention. Email archiving is necessary to stay compliant with industry standards and is too big of an issue to ignore.

But the very bulk of emails to be stored may mean you need to use a Cloud-based storage bin or some other secondary location. And you need software that can automatically retrieve full emails and relevant extracts at a moment’s notice. The contents and attachments of emails can then be indexed.

This kind of software will free up storage space by moving email records off your in-house server, while also keeping them all in one central location for easy access. And emails will also be safe from accidental deletion.

Data supervision by business IT team

3. Provision of Need Supervision

Another important benefit of compliance archiving software is its ability to streamline supervision of data through comprehensive work flows that can be updated to meet the demands of regulation changes of business growth.

The best software will allow you to enforce policies automatically across all content types. It will also include encryption and other security features to keep your archived data safe from prying eyes. And it will enable workflow, review, and reporting to all be done in a quick, simple manner.

4. Reduction of Costs and Complexity

Cloud-based digital compliance solutions can save you a lot of money by reducing the man hours of work your IT staff is tasked with. And it allows low-cost, simple management of data as it grows over time.

Maintenance costs are far less than with legacy systems. And you have no IT infrastructure to buy/maintain.

Plus, the performance of digital compliance software means you stay compliant and respond quickly to audits and legal challenges. That ultimately means you save on legal costs, avoid fines for non-compliance, and are in a better position to ward off or win threatened lawsuits in court.

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