11 Reasons Why You Are Working Hard but Can’t Succeed

While in school, teachers were always heard telling students that hard-work pays and for the most part, it did. For the ones who worked hard, excellence was their portion. However, as you grow older, it slowly dawns on you that life is not about being the best or the most hardworking individual.

Taking the ‘hard-work pays’ attitude one had in school and applying it in life cannot work, and some of the brightest minds most of us had in school have come to learn this the hard way. Using one’s personal strength as most of us come to learn the hard way is not the best or the easiest way to succeed in life.

Life calls for a different mindset and one that is ready to test new waters. Hard-work alone is just not enough, and this article seeks to help you understand why you are working hard but cannot succeed.

Hardworking businessman

If you believe that you are one of the most hardworking individuals in the world but success for you seems far-fetched, below are some reasons.

1. You do not easily adapt or are unresponsive to change

The experts at customessayorder claim that even though you are a hardworking person, you should be willing to adapt and change your tactics once in a while. It’s true that in this day and age, change as they say is inevitable and everyone must adapt. Failure to adapt always means one is not flexible enough and therefore, cannot be trusted with anything especially that which requires them to change a certain aspect of their life or how they work.

2. You fear or avoid taking risks

You will never improve regardless of how much work you put in something or your business if you are not willing to take risks. Every businessman knows and understands that taking risks is indeed the first step to testing one’s methods and plans. As a hardworking individual who is unwilling to take risks, success will seem far-fetched.

3. You avoid or fear to reach out to different and new people

The truth is it is always easy to stick with faces you are familiar with. These people make you feel comfortable, and there is no better crowd to hang out with. However, as a person chasing success, hanging around with the same people will never get you to your goal. You need to be willing to change your circle every once in a while or to branch out in the hope of meeting new people and learning new ideas.

4. You believe your credentials ought to guarantee you success

If you are one of the people who believe their degrees should earn them that job or that pay rise, you are destined for failure. Your hard work in school does not mean you deserve the best but only that you deserve a chance to prove yourself.

Tough decision making

5. You fail to make and commit to certain decisions about your life and career

Life is all about the choices one makes, and you have to give yourself an edge in life by always making the right decisions for yourself. However, you will forever remain unsuccessful if you fail to make the right decisions for yourself while thinking your hard work will propel forward.

6. You doubt yourself and what you can do

Hard work does not and will never be synonymous with self-confidence. These two are miles apart in terms of what they mean. Hard work only means that you can push yourself and that you are ready to make yourself busy. However, the truth is you can be hard working and still doubt yourself or the things you can do and doubt is one of the ingredients of an unsuccessful life.

7. You do not understand and have never taken your time to understand money management

Regardless of the number of hours you spend working or whether you trans-night or not, you will end up a failure if you do not understand the fundamentals of money management. Money management is key to success and you ought to study it before you can finally and truly aim for success.

8. You do not understand the essence or value of time

Time is money, and if you fail to take this phrase with the seriousness it deserves, you are bound to end up a failure. Regardless of whether you spend hours on your job or years without using your leave days, you will definitely fail if you cannot comprehend the value of time. You cannot be late to meetings and still consider yourself a candidate for success.

Procrastinating business owner

9. You like making excuses whenever you cannot deliver

Bill Gates said, “if you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.” This statement was meant for the people who could not get something done by the end of their stipulated timeline. For some of these people, making excuses seems like the easiest thing to do. However, success will seem far-fetched if you cannot push yourself to the point of making something better instead of waiting to make excuses.

10. Procrastination

Even though you can get things done the moment you set your mind on something, you are very fond of procrastinating. Procrastinating should never be an option for you if you aim at succeeding in life. Success is never guaranteed and you ought to have the desire to push yourself and avoid the temptation of postponing things.  Successful people take their tasks seriously and therefore, they will never consider postponing what they are doing.

While procrastinating isn’t always leading you to failure, it’s a pretty good indicator of your how close or far you afre ==n important indicator ingredient to success. However, it will lead you to failure if you mix it with a spirit of procrastination.

11. You are bad at taking criticism

Even though you are the most hardworking individual in your firm, you will end up a failure if you are not ready to take criticism the good way. It is essential to remember that not all criticism comes from a bad place. Therefore, you should always be ready to accept criticism especially when it is positive if you are to turn your hard work into success.


In conclusion, success is the result of a number of ingredients. Hard work is essential if a person is trying to become successful. However, it is essential to remember that hard work alone will never guarantee you success.