4 Degree Types for Landing Government Jobs

If you know someone who works for the government, chances are you’ve heard them brag about the benefits and perks of being employed in this sector. Indeed, there are many reasons one would want to make entry into this field, with the most obvious being that there’s always an abundance of jobs available with a diverse range of occupational descriptions.

However, as you may know, getting hired for one of these jobs isn’t exactly simple, as the good positions are typically reserved for people who have invested in earning a degree to prove their skills and knowledge.

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With that said, here are 4 degree types you can use to boost your chances of landing desirable government jobs reliably:

1. Executive Master of Public Administration

Earning an Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) is a good way to position yourself as an eligible candidate for higher paying and managerial level government jobs. Although this degree is typically pursued by people who are already employed by government agencies as a way to advance their career potential, it’s possible to earn the degree in only 15 months and you only have to earn 30 credits to complete the course.

2. Business Administration

Another reliable way to make yourself an appealing candidate for higher paying government jobs is to earn a degree in business administration. This degree will not only prove your ability to hold higher level positions within an agency, it also equips you with a well-rounded credential that can be used to increase your chances of being hired by any company, while also equipping you with skills that can be used to further your own entrepreneurial efforts. Thus, an MBA is a good overall degree to have, as regardless of which career path you decide on it will increase your chances of being hired.

3. Ed.D. in Leadership and Learning in Organizations

One other option would be to get a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in leadership and learning in organizations. This may sound like a very specific degree, but when it comes to getting jobs it can easily be applied to a range of nonspecific jobs.

This specialized course is offered by institutions who offer the opportunity to study this course online, and so would be ideal for full time workers wanting to branch into a government job. Leadership skills are important in any job, and so a degree in this will make you a sought after candidate.

4. International Relations

This is a great degree to have when applying for positions that require frequent communication and collaboration with government workers in other countries. Likewise, if you like to travel and want to land a job that has you going to different places around the world, an International Relations degree gives you that freedom by making you well-suited for government positions overseas.

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Benefits of Working for the Government

The primary benefit of working for a government agency is job security, as public servants are 3 times less likely to face termination compared to conventional corporate employees. Furthermore, you’ll not only have a lower chance of being fired and a higher chance of being hired, you’ll also enjoy widespread job availability in most regions.

In addition, compensation increases are much better, with government jobs receiving 5 times more in wage increases than private employees since 1980. As a government employee you’ll also reap the reward of having more vacations and more holidays off of work.

Finally, the insurance and retirement benefits are comparable or superior to those offered in most other industries.