How to Get More Luxury for Every Buck You Spend (Infographic)

If you think you cannot afford certain luxuries in life, you are mistaken. You only have to be more careful in your spending and you will be astonished to know you can even stay at 5-star Hotel in New York or eat at world’s most expensive restaurant.

So, what’s exactly you need to do for achieving that?

Entrepreneur doing private jet travel

Surprising things you can substitute for greater luxury

These personal spending examples can help you in putting things into perspective:

12 cinema tickets for a meal at a 1 Michelin Star restaurant

We all love to watch movies on the weekend but what if I tell you that saving on 12 cinema tickets can give you the liberty to taste menu at Dovetail NYC -1 Michelin Star restaurant. Now that’s really something most of us wish for believing we do not have much to be that extravagant.

37 bottles of wine for a helicopter tour plus a dinner cruise

Do you know if you skip drinking wine ( 37 bottles of wine to be exact), you can actually revel New York Helicopter Tour followed by a dinner cruise. If you avoid 4 cuts and color sessions at your hairdresser, you can truly dine at the world’s most expensive hotel.

Stop smoking for 1 year for a first class flight ticket

We all know smoking kills but we overlook this fact all the time. Quitting smoking for a year can actually buy you first class ticket from New York to London.

2 designer bags for a luxury train ride

If you have recently watched the movie ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and wish to travel on it, just hold that urge to buy your favorite pair of designer bags this season. The money you save would be enough to buy you a ticket for the luxury train.

Luxury yacht in the Carribean sea

Skip Cancun for a week of superyacht travel in Bahamas

If you love tourism and really wish to make these holidays more luxurious, then skip visiting Cancun this Spring, instead, hire a superyacht for a week in Bahamas.

A few Rolex for one night in a luxury submarine hotel

If you are a fan of Rolex watches and buy one every season, why not you hold your longing for a few seasons and use the saved money to stay overnight in the Lover’s Deep.

15 years of a motor home expenses form a week in Necker Island

What If I tell you that if you save 15 year’s cost of running a motor home, you can use the saved money to hire Necker Island for a week? Now this is something some people even never dreamt of.

Designer shoes for Beyoncé’s private concert

Here’s one more: I know you love to buy a pair of Stuart Weitzman designer shoes but are you aware that you can book Beyoncé for a private concert if you change your mind on buying these shoes.

Want more ideas?

As you can see, restraining yourself for splashing your cash on small, unneeded things for a certain period of time actually allow you to spend on more luxurious things – without burying yourself in bad debts. This is delayed gratification at its finest.

Check out this infographic, published by Oliver’s Travels, to know what luxury you can get for skipping certain things in your life.

How to get more for your money - infographic